Dinosaurs Set
History of Terrestrial Mammals in South America How South American Mammalian Fauna Changed from the Mesozoic to Recent Times
Die-Attach Materials for High Temperature Applications in Microelectronics Packaging Materials Processes Equipment and Reliability
Controversies in the Management of Keratoconus
Sacroiliac Joint Disorder Accurately Diagnosing Low Back Pain
Terra Wattel - European Tax Law Volume I (Full edition)
Planets Set
Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice Volume 2 Arts-based Interventions
Pregnant in the Time of Ebola Women and Their Children in the 2013-2015 West African Epidemic
Creativity in Music Education
Optical Tweezers Methods and Protocols
A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics
A Clinicians Guide to Methamphetamines Includes CE Test
Characterization of SAR Clutter and Its Applications to Land and Ocean Observations
Orthopedic Practice Management Strategies for Growth and Success
African Countries and the Global Scramble for China A Contribution to Africas Preparedness and Rehearsal
Mental Health of Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations Theory Research and Clinical Practice
Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Image Analysis
Climate Change in Santos Brazil Projections Impacts and Adaptation Options
Ultrafast Nonlinear Imaging and Spectroscopy VI
Endoscopic Biopsy Interpretation A Practical Guide
Frontiers of Cyberlearning Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning
Cardiac Gene Therapy Methods and Protocols
Synapse Development Methods and Protocols
Fathering in India Images and Realities
Endocrine Disorders in Kidney Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Neurath Reconsidered New Sources and Perspectives
Pediatric Critical Care Current Controversies
Language and Law The Role of Language and Translation in EU Competition Law
Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy and Radiculopathy Treatment Approaches and Options
Neuroradiological Imaging of Skin Diseases and Related Conditions
Cannabis Use Disorders
2017 MATRIX Annals
Business Transformation through Blockchain Volume II
The State of Chinas State Capitalism Evidence of Its Successes and Pitfalls
Collected Papers Volume 1 1921-1934
Exosomes and Microvesicles Methods and Protocols
Wind Power Based Isolated Energy Systems
Embodied Activities in Face-to-face and Mediated Settings Social Encounters in Time and Space
The Art and Science of Thread Lifting Based on Pinch Anatomy
Interactions Between Computational Intelligence and Mathematics Part 2
Clinical Pharmacy Education Practice and Research Clinical Pharmacy Drug Information Pharmacovigilance Pharmacoeconomics and Clinical Research
Ethnic Diversities Hypertension and Global Cardiovascular Risk
The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform European and Comparative Perspectives
Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Opportunities Applications and Risks
Interdisciplinary Teaching About Earth and the Environment for a Sustainable Future
Uterus Transplantation
Electromagnetic Geophysical Fields Precursors to Earthquakes and Tsunamis Impacts on the Brain and Heart
Biotechnology Products in Everyday Life
Learning Approaches in Signal Processing
The Massachusetts General Hospital Guide to Learning Disabilities Assessing Learning Needs of Children and Adolescents
DNA Repair Disorders
Higher Education in the Digital Age Moving Academia Online
Ageing Ageism and the Law European Perspectives on the Rights of Older Persons
Neonatal Lung Ultrasonography
Cancer Cytogenetics Methods and Protocols
Decision-making Analysis and Optimization Modeling of Emergency Warnings for Major Accidents
Geospatial Infrastructure Applications and Technologies India Case Studies
Nanoimaging and Nanospectroscopy VI
Physical Science under Microgravity Experiments on Board the SJ-10 Recoverable Satellite
Japanese Education in a Global Age Sociological Reflections and Future Directions
Visualizing Mathematics The Role of Spatial Reasoning in Mathematical Thought
Biology Textbook and Activities for the Flipped Classroom
Pond Animals Set
Using Comparable Corpora for Under-Resourced Areas of Machine Translation
Histologic Basis of Ocular Disease in Animals
A Clinicians Guide to Opioids Includes CE Test
Connections 2e Launchpad for Connections 2e (Six-Months Access)
Catalogue of Medieval Manuscripts of Latin Commentaries on Aristotle in British Libraries III London and Rest of Britain
Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 33 Climate Impact on Agriculture
People Personal Data and the Built Environment
A Research Agenda for Regeneration Economies Reading City-Regions
Limits to Stakeholder Influence Why the Business Case Wont Save the World
Favorite Foods Set
Multifaceted Protocol in Biotechnology
Smart City Governance
Interprofessional Care and Mental Health A Discursive Exploration of Team Meeting Practices
Microscopy of the Heart
Ground Water Development - Issues and Sustainable Solutions
Advances in Systematic Creativity Creating and Managing Innovations
Prefoldins the new chaperones
JWR Whitehand and the Historico-geographical Approach to Urban Morphology
RFID Technologies for Internet of Things
Educational Leadership in Policy Challenges and Implementation Within Europe
Methodological Reflections on Researching Communication and Social Change
Advancing Interdisciplinary Approaches to International Relations
The Evolution of Applied Harmonic Analysis Models of the Real World
Nanocarbon and Its Composites Preparation Properties and Applications
Federal Securities Laws Selected Statutes Rules and Forms 2018-2019 Edition
Hardy Type Inequalities on Time Scales
Instructional Techniques to Facilitate Learning and Motivation of Serious Games
Gothic Landscapes Changing Eras Changing Cultures Changing Anxieties
Nanotechnology in Textiles Theory and Application
Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Middle East
An Introduction to Transfer Entropy Information Flow in Complex Systems
California Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Tafsir as Mystical Experience Intimacy and Ecstasy in Quran Commentary i>Tafsir surat al-baqara i> of Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi i>The Bab i> (1819-1850)
Srinagar Burushaski A Descriptive and Comparative Account with Analyzed Texts
Use of Recycled Plastics in Eco-efficient Concrete
European Participation in International Operations The Role of Strategic Culture
Massachusetts Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Connect Access Card for Financial Accounting Fundamentals
Tercentenary Essays on the Philosophy and Science of Leibniz
International Student Connectedness and Identity Transnational Perspectives
Innovations Lead to Economic Crises Explaining the Bubble Economy
Blackstones Employment Law Practice 2019 (book and digital pack)
Texas Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Tissue
New Jersey Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Visual Metaphor Structure and process
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Medicine in the Primary Care Setting
Advances in Stochastic and Deterministic Global Optimization
Critical Approaches to Education Policy Analysis Moving Beyond Tradition
New Trends in Eco-efficient and Recycled Concrete
IEC 61850-Based Smart Substations Principles Testing Operation and Maintenance
canconer catala del Renaixement a Roma Un Les poesies de Joan Salom astronom valencia
Strong Fermion Interactions in Fractional Quantum Hall States Correlation Functions
The Derveni Papyrus Unearthing Ancient Mysteries
Youth Diversity and Employment Comparative Perspectives on Labour Market Policies
Active Plasmonic Devices Based on Magnetoplasmonic Nanostructures
Argumentation in Prime Ministers Question Time Accusation of inconsistency in response to criticism
Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management
Connect Access Card for Auditing Assurance Services A Systematic Approach
Mehr Freiheit Wagen Beitrage Zur Emeritierung Von Jurgen Basedowhrsg Im Auftrag Seiner Schulerinnen U Schuler V Anatol Dutta U Christian Heinze
Intelligent Envelopes for High-Performance Buildings Design and Strategy
Handbook of Terminology Volume 2 Terminology in the Arab world
Diagnostic Ultrasound Vascular
Business Improvement Districts in the United States Private Government and Public Consequences
Energy Security Policy Challenges and Solutions for Resource Efficiency
The Illegal Wildlife Trade Inside the World of Poachers Smugglers and Traders
Spanish Red Book 2018 Informe del Comite de Enfermedades Infecciosas 2018-2021
North Carolina Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Extended Abstracts Summer 2016 Slow-Fast Systems and Hysteresis Theory and Applications
Mathematical Models Methods and Applications
Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland Strategies Opportunities and Challenges
Development of Tourism and the Hospitality Industry in Southeast Asia
Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics
Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery A Video Guide
From Bilateral Arbitral Tribunals and Investment Courts to a Multilateral Investment Court Options Regarding the Institutionalization of Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Care Relations in Southeast Asia The Family and Beyond
Pennsylvania Taxes Guidebook to (2019)
Financial Statements Analysis and Reporting
Foundations of Regenerative Biology and Medicine
M24 Planning for the Distribution of Reclaimed Water
Conducting the Reference Interview
Radical Social Change in the United States Badious Apostle and the Post-Factual Moment
Transforming Communication in Leadership and Teamwork Person-Centered Innovations
Yosida Approximations of Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensions and Applications
Governance of Hospitals in Central and Eastern Europe
Stochastic Processes and Long Range Dependence
Accounting Capitalism and the Revealed Religions A Study of Christianity Judaism and Islam
A Study on Professional Development of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Institutions of Higher Education in Western China
Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers An Asian Perspective
Defining the Medical Imaging Requirements for a Rural Health Center
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Analytical Mechanics Forty Exercises Resolved and Explained
New Perspectives on the Bank-Firm Relationship Lending Management and the Impact of Basel III
Elliptical Mirrors Applications in microscopy
Classical Analogies in the Solution of Quantum Many-Body Problems
Centrality of History for Theory Construction in Psychology
Developing Leadership and Employee Health Through the Arts Improving Leader-Employee Relationships
Arbeitstagung Bonn 2013 In Memory of Friedrich Hirzebruch
And the Rest is Just Algebra
Modal Epistemology After Rationalism
Generation Z Zombies Popular Culture and Educating Youth
Thoracic Ultrasound and Integrated Imaging
Translational Inflammation Volume 4
Asymptotic Representation of Relaxation Oscillations in Lasers
The Flipped College Classroom Conceptualized and Re-Conceptualized
Water Supply in a Mega-City A Political Ecology Analysis of Shanghai
Multicultural Education in Glocal Perspectives Policy and Institutionalization
Sozialgesetzbuch X Sozialverwaltungsverfahren Und Sozialdatenschutz Lehr- Und Praxiskommentar
Mandarin Competence of Chinese-English Bilingual Preschoolers A Corpus-based Analysis of Singaporean Childrens Speech
Molecular Biochemistry of Human Diseases Volume III
Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Therapeutic Protein Characterization
Beyond Human Rights and the War on Terror
The Politics of Oil Controlling Resources Governing Markets and Creating Political Conflicts
Interrogating Communalism Violence Citizenship and Minorities in South India
Surveys in Theoretical High Energy Physics - 2 Lecture Notes from SERC Schools
The Rule of Law in Global Governance
Energy-Level Control at Hybrid Inorganic Organic Semiconductor Interfaces
Practical Pension Scheme Accounting
Art and Sovereignty in Global Politics
Cultural Policy Innovation and the Creative Economy Creative Collaborations in Arts and Humanities Research
Embodiment in Language (II) Food Emotion and Beyond
Politics and Policies in Upper Guinea Coast Societies Change and Continuity
RFID Security A Lightweight Paradigm
Nitrogen Removal Characteristics of Aerobic Denitrifying Bacteria and Their Applications in Nitrogen Oxides Emission Mitigation
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 241
Discoveries and Inventions of the Twentieth Century
Handbook of Chemical Toxicity Profiles of Biological Species Volume I
Organic Farming Global Perspectives and Methods
Routledge Library Editions African American Literature
Microbiological Sensors for the Drinking Water Industry
Sigmund Von Birken (1626-1681) Ein Dichter in Deutschlands Mitte
The Playful Citizen Civic Engagement in a Mediatized Culture
Prologtexte Zu Den Psalmen Von Origenes Und Eusebius Die
Maelwael Van Lymborch Studies I
Simchart for the Medical Office Learning the Medical Office Workflow - 2019 Edition
Critical Heart Disease in Infants and Children
Die Geschichte Der Shoah Im Virtuellen Raum Eine Quellenkritik
Twin Polymerization New Strategy for Hybrid Materials Synthesis
Ecologies of Crusading Colonization and Religious Conversion in the Medieval Baltic Terra Sacra II
After 69 CE - Writing Civil War in Flavian Rome
Star Wars Adventures Set
Religious Liberty (Set of 5 Volumes)
Animal Evolution Set
From the Psalter to the Book of Hours The Iconography of Franco-Flemish Prayer Books of the Early Gothic Period (1240-1320)
Increasing the Therapeutic Ratio of Radiotherapy
Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe
Fidelity Rebates in Competition Law Application of the As Efficient Competitor Test
Bauen Zwischen Polis Und Imperium Stadtentwicklung Und Urbane Lebensformen Auf Der Kaiserzeitlichen Peloponnes
Language Government and Religion in the World of the Turks Festschrift for Larry Clark at Seventy-Five
Confraternity Mendicant Orders and Salvation in the Middle Ages The Contribution of the Hungarian Sources (C1270-C1530)
Cristoforo Landino His Works and Thought
Energy and Thermal Management Air Conditioning Waste Heat Recovery 1st ETA Conference December 1-2 2016 Berlin Germany
Art and Experience in Trecento Italy Studies from the Andrew Ladis Memorial Conference in New Orleans 2016
Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean Western Anatolia
Race and Sports Set
Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France
Uniformization Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence Calabi-Yau Manifolds Picard-Fuchs Equations
Measuring the Psychological and Electrophysiological Attributes of Human Personality Emerging Research and Opportunities
The Political Economy of Classical Athens A Naval Perspective
Taxation Virtual Currency and Blockchain
Das Amt >dux Der >ducatus
Being Jewish in Galilee 100-200 Ce An Archaeological Study
Teaching and the Internet The Application of Web Apps Networking and Online Tech for Chemistry Education
Big Buddy Pop Biographies Set 4
Accessibility in the Laboratory
Trial Evidence
Residency Class and Community in the Contemporary Chinese City
Property and Trust Law in Singapore
Focus on Reading and Writing 2e Launchpad Solo for Readers and Writers (Six-Month Access)
Resort Spatiality Reimagining Sites of Mass Tourism
Wiley Study Guide for 2019 Level III CFA Exam Complete Set
Loose-Leaf Version for Psychology of Sex and Gender
The Behavioural Finance Revolution A New Approach to Financial Policies and Regulations
Control of Amphiphile Self-Assembling at the Molecular Level Supra-Molecular Assemblies with Tuned Physicochemical Properties for Delivery Applications
Successful College Writing 7e Launchpad for Successful College Writing 7e (Twelve-Months Access)
Dynamics of Disasters-Key Concepts Models Algorithms and Insights Kalamata Greece June-July 2015
Advances in Agrochemicals Ion Channels and G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) as Targets for Pest Control Volume 1 Ion Channels and Gap Junctions
Wiley Study Guide for 2019 Level II CFA Exam Complete Set
Normativity and Variety of Speech Actions
International Arbitration A Practical Guide 2nd Ed
Von Kreta Nach Kuba Gedenkschrift Zu Ehren Des Berliner Archaologen Veit Sturmer
David Joness The Grail Mass and Other Works
Water Chlorination Chemistry Environmental Impact and Health Effects - Volume 6
The Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible
Molecular Biology
Preceptors in Chemistry
The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Medicine
The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies
Best Practices for Supporting and Expanding Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing III Selected Papers from the International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies CSIT 2018 September 11-14 Lviv Ukraine
Nanomaterials Volume 1 Electronic Properties
Loose and Griffiths on Liquidators Ninth edition
Inverse Imaging with Poisson Data From cells to galaxies
The Oxford Handbook of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology
Building Blocks to Improve the Quality of Adjunct Faculty Teaching A Handbook for Best Practices
Status of Climate Change Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific
Connect Access Card for Financial and Managerial Accounting
Global Perspectives on Frameworks for Integrated Reporting Emerging Research and Opportunities
Stable Mutations for Evolutionary Algorithms
Impurity Transport in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
Digital Holographic Methods Low Coherent Microscopy and Optical Trapping in Nano-Optics and Biomedical Metrology
French Language Policies and the Revitalisation of Regional Languages in the 21st Century
The Integrated Electro-Mechanical Drive A mechatronic approach
Language Learning Discourse and Cognition Studies in the tradition of Andrea Tyler
Forest Resources Management in Indonesia (1968-2004) A Political Ecology Approach
The Atlantic World and the Manila Galleons Circulation Market and Consumption of Asian Goods in the Spanish Empire 1565-1650
Common Law in an Uncommon Courtroom Judicial interpreting in Hong Kong
Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
Paradigms and Theories Influencing Policies in the South African and International Water Sectors PULSE(3) A Framework for Policy Analysis
Learning-based VANET Communication and Security Techniques
Theory and Applications of Abstract Semilinear Cauchy Problems
Efficiency in Sustainable Supply Chain
Petrophysical Characterization and Fluids Transport in Unconventional Reservoirs
Rehabilitation of the Spine A Patient Centered Approach
Multiple Instance Learning Foundations and Algorithms
Empires and Exchanges in Eurasian Late Antiquity Rome China Iran and the Steppe ca 250-750
Community Energy Networks with Storage Modeling Frameworks for Distributed Generation
Gulf 917
Current-Mode Instrumentation Amplifiers
Essentials for Nucleosynthesis and Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics
Energy Transitions in Japan and China Mine Closures Rail Developments and Energy Narratives
Taoism and Self Knowledge The Chart for the Cultivation of Perfection (i>Xiuzhen tu i>)
Calculus with Curvilinear Coordinates Problems and Solutions
Plan Prediction Which Policy is Preferred by Which People?
Essential Concepts In Metamaterials
Grammatical Inference Algorithms Routines and Applications
Introduction to Network of Networks
US Master Tax Guide--Hardbound Edition (2019)
The Political Economy of Pacific Russia Regional Developments in East Asia
Hybrid Soft Computing for Multilevel Image and Data Segmentation
Towards Integrating Control and Information Theories From Information-Theoretic Measures to Control Performance Limitations
Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies Analysis and Optimisation by CFD Modelling
Unsafety Disaster Management Organizational Accidents and Crisis Sciences for Sustainability
Bio-based Materials for Food Packaging Green and Sustainable Advanced Packaging Materials
Intelligent Materialism Essays on Hegel and Dialectics
Sustainability Politics and Limited Statehood Contesting the New Modes of Governance
Journalism `a Peacekeeping Agent at the Time of Conflict
The Role of Advisory Committees in Biomedical Education and Workforce Development Emerging Research and Opportunities
Essentials of Pericyclic and Photochemical Reactions
Protocol Design and Analysis for Cooperative Wireless Networks
Digital Government Leveraging Innovation to Improve Public Sector Performance and Outcomes for Citizens
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management Volume 6
Coastal Change Ocean Conservation and Resilient Communities
Digitalized Finance Financial Capitalism and Informational Revolution
Characterisation Methods in Solid State and Materials Science
Techniques of Classical Mechanics From Lagrangian to Newtonian Mechanics
Bundle Clinical Psychomotor Skills (5-Point) Assessment Tools for Nurses with Online Study Tools 12 months + Pharmacology in Nursing Australian New Zealand edition with Online Study Tools 12 months + Health Assessment Physical Examination Australi
Nitrogenation Strategy for the Synthesis of N-containing Compounds
Acoustical Analysis of the Tanpura Indian Plucked String Instrument
Interdecadal Changes in Ocean Teleconnections with the Sahel Implications in Rainfall Predictability
Principles of Biophotonics Volume 3 Field propagation
Clean Energy from Waste Fundamental Investigations on Ashes and Tar Behaviours in a Two Stage Fluid Bed-Plasma Process for Waste Gasification
Guidance on the Personal Monitoring Requirements for Personnel Working in Healthcare
Sum and Substance Audio on Criminal Procedure
Simplified Analytical Methods of Elastic Plates
The Peregrine Profession Transnational Mobility of Nordic Engineers and Architects 1880-1930
Minerals Structure Properties Methods of Investigation 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists Ekaterinburg Russia February 5-8 2018
Young People and the Politics of Outrage and Hope
Rigid Body Dynamics
Identifying as Greek and Belonging to Georgia Processes of (Un)Making Boundaries in the Greek Community of Georgia
Quantitative Tourism Research in Asia Current Status and Future Directions
Genetic Diversity in Horticultural Plants
Economic and Ecological Significance of Arthropods in Diversified Ecosystems Sustaining Regulatory Mechanisms
Spine Surgery A Case-Based Approach
Stress Physiology of Tea in the Face of Climate Change
Studies in Neural Data Science StartUp Research 2017 Siena Italy June 25-27
Low-Power Analog Techniques Sensors for Mobile Devices and Energy Efficient Amplifiers Advances in Analog Circuit Design 2018
Piero di Cosimo Painter of Faith and Fable
Famgkg Mit Verfahrenswert-ABC
New Developments and Advances in Robot Control
Physiology of the Soul Mind Body and Matter in the Galenic Tradition of Late Renaissance (1550-1630)
Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths Including Actinides Volume 54
Space Crusaders Set
The Engineering-Business Nexus Symbiosis Tension and Co-Evolution
Recent Research on Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Pet Care Set
Mylab Nursing with Pearson Etext -- Access Card -- For High-Acuity Nursing
Optimization of the Taxation System Preconditions Tendencies and Perspectives
Form and Function in Greek Grammar Linguistic Contributions to the Study of Greek Literature
Trial Techniques and Trials
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Intelligent Transportation
Handbuch Dienstleistungsmarketing Planung - Umsetzung - Kontrolle
Implants in the Aesthetic Zone A Guide for Treatment of the Partially Edentulous Patient
Liquid Metal Soft Machines Principles and Applications
Recent Advances in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Systems Theoretical Aspects and Applications
A Knowledge Representation Practionary Guidelines Based on Charles Sanders Peirce
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IX 9th IFIP WG 514 International Conference CCTA 2015 Beijing China September 27-30 2015 Revised Selected Papers Part I
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IX 9th IFIP WG 514 International Conference CCTA 2015 Beijing China September 27-30 2015 Revised Selected Papers Part II
Pre-emptive Medicine Public Health Aspects of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Product Lifecycle Management to Support Industry 40 15th IFIP WG 51 International Conference PLM 2018 Turin Italy July 2-4 2018 Proceedings
The Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality Soft Currencies Hard Landings
Textbook of Autoinflammation
Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data
Stem Cell Drugs - A New Generation of Biopharmaceuticals
Transitions Between Sexual Systems Understanding the Evolution of Hermaphroditism and Dieocy
The Practice of Consumer Exposure Assessment
Neural Regulation of Metabolism
Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic Systems Dykes Sills and Laccoliths
Conceptualising Property Law Integrating Common Law and Civil Law Traditions
Energy Justice Us and International Perspectives
Genomics Assisted Breeding of Crops for Abiotic Stress Tolerance Vol II
Languages in Jewish Communities Past and Present
Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics A Study of Variation and Change in the Modal Systems of World Englishes
Judging International Human Rights Courts of General Jurisdiction as Human Rights Courts
The EU Design Approach A Global Appraisal
Safety Dynamics Evaluating Risk in Complex Industrial Systems
Intellectual Property Perspectives on the Regulation of New Technologies
Advances in Corporate Branding
Global Regional and Local Dimensions of Western Saharas Protracted Decolonization When a Conflict Gets Old
Raman Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Materials
Advances in the Mathematical Sciences AWM Research Symposium Los Angeles CA April 2017
Toward a Living Architecture? Complexism and Biology in Generative Design
Genetics and Genomics of Pineapple
The Economics of the Frontier Conquest and Settlement
Light-Emitting Diodes Materials Processes Devices and Applications
Redox Homeostasis in Plants From Signalling to Stress Tolerance
Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Problems in Applied Mechanics
Finding your Math Power Concepts in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
Smart Biosensor Technology
Biomarkers in Psychiatry
Thermodynamics and Biophysics of Biomedical Nanosystems Applications and Practical Considerations
Synthesis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides
The Legislative Choice Between Delegated and Implementing Acts in EU Law Walking a Labyrinth
Arctic Animals at Risk Set
Advanced Research in Nanosciences for Water Technology
Loose-Leaf Version for Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics Varna Bulgaria June 2015
Loose-Leaf Version for Invitation to the Life Span
Anesthesiology A Problem-Based Learning Approach
Eye-tracking in Interaction Studies on the role of eye gaze in dialogue
Small Business Considerations Economics and Research Volume 10
The Discourse of Online Sportscasting Constructing meaning and interaction in live text commentary
Bonding Theory for Metals and Alloys
Substance-based Grammar - The (Ongoing) Work of John Anderson
WHO classification of tumours of the eye
The Protection of Human Rights through International Law and International Criminal Law
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Sliding Mode in Intellectual Control and Communication Emerging Research and Opportunities
Youth Religion and Identity in a Globalizing Context International Perspectives
Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine Philosophy Science Clinical Applications and Research
Harnessing Marine Macroalgae for Industrial Purposes in an Australian Context Emerging Research and Opportunities
Structuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond In honour of Leonardo M Savoia
Long-term Performance and Durability of Masonry Structures Degradation Mechanisms Health Monitoring and Service Life Design
New Trends in Grammaticalization and Language Change
Coders Desk Reference for Procedures 2019
Efficiency in Natural Product Total Synthesis
Islam in International Relations Politics and Paradigms
The Emergence of Nominal Expressions in Spanish-English Early Bilinguals Economy and bilingual first language acquisition
Italian Dialectology at the Interfaces
The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History c 1550-1750
Coders Desk Reference for HCPCS Level II 2019
Mental Models across Languages The visual representation of baldness terms in German English and Japanese
Intercultural Perspectives on Research Writing
The Strategic Survey 2018 The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics
On the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance
Observing Eurolects Corpus analysis of linguistic variation in EU law
Handbook of Environmental Engineering
The Corpus Linguistics Discourse In honour of Wolfgang Teubert
Handbook of Pragmatics 21st Annual Installment
The Portuguese Language Continuum in Africa and Brazil
ICD-10-CM Clinical Documentation Improvement Desk Reference 2019
Liability Insurance in International Arbitration The Bermuda Form
Reorganising Grammatical Variation Diachronic studies in the retention redistribution and refunctionalisation of linguistic variants
Solving Large-Scale Production Scheduling and Planning in the Process Industries
Enterprise Interoperability Smart Services and Business Impact of Enterprise Interoperability
Constructions in Contact Constructional perspectives on contact phenomena in Germanic languages
Systems Genetics Methods and Protocols
CPT Coding Essentials for Anesthesiology and Pain Management 2019
Impact Analysis of Total Productive Maintenance Critical Success Factors and Benefits
Democratic Empowerment in the European Union
Economic Thought and Institutional Change in France and Italy 1789-1914 A Comparative Study
Public Debt Management Separation of Debt from Monetary Management in India
Wisdom Web of Things
Hospital for Special Surgerys Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Sustainable Tunneling and Underground Use Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Bacterial Pathogenesis Methods and Protocols
High Seas Governance Gaps and Challenges
Nonlinearity in Energy Harvesting Systems Micro- and Nanoscale Applications
CPT Coding Essentials for Ophthalmology 2019
Feminism and Politics Volumes I and II
Rebuilding of marine fisheries Part 1 Global review
International Tax Evasion in the Global Information Age
Emissions Trading Programs Volume I Implementation and Evolution Volume II Theory and Design
Lithosphere Dynamics and Sedimentary Basins of the Arabian Plate and Surrounding Areas
Investment and Competitiveness in Africa
Liberal Arts Strategies for the Chemistry Classroom
Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays
A Closer Look at Motor-Evoked Potential
The Law and Governance of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Cellular Image Classification
Building the Sacred in a Crusader Kingdom Gothic Church Architecture in Lusignan Cyprus C 1209 - C 1373
Risk Management Volume I Theories Cases Policies and Politics Volume II Management and Control
CPT Coding Essentials for Orthopaedics Lower 2019
CPT Coding Essentials for Obstetrics and Gynecology 2019
The Oxford Handbook of Music Listening in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Chinas Rule of Law Index 2017
The Periodic Unfolding Method Theory and Applications to Partial Differential Problems
CPT Coding Essentials for Urology and Nephrology 2019
Ship Construction and Welding
Recent Developments in Pavement Design Modeling and Performance Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Signal Enhancement with Variable Span Linear Filters
The Psychology of Habit Theory Mechanisms Change and Contexts
The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Competition
Biodiversity for Sustainable Development
Chiral Intermediates and Chiral Drugs
Citizens Right to the Digital City Urban Interfaces Activism and Placemaking
Green Chemistry Education Recent Developments
The First Latin Treatise on Ptolemys Astronomy The Almagesti Minor (C 1200)
Facing the Colours of Roman Portraiture Exploring the materiality of ancient polychrome forms
A Companion to Anthropological Genetics
CPT Coding Essentials for General Surgery and Gastroenterology 2019
The Olsztyn Group in the Early Medieval Archaeology of the Baltic Region The Cemetery at Leleszki
Electromagnetic Frontier Theory Exploration
Energy Scenarios and Policy Volume 2 Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa Challenges and Opportunities
Polymeric Materials for Clean Water
Human Rights and World Public Order The Basic Policies of an International Law of Human Dignity
Stochastic and Computational Models for Fractional Calculus
Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Xunzi
A New Perspective on Nonmonotonic Logics
The Oxford Handbook of Morphological Theory
Current Trends in Immunity and Respiratory Infections
The Art and Archaeology of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus (1192-1571) Recent Research and New Discoveries
Handbook of Natural Pesticides Part B Volume III
Hendrickson Hallmark Reference Bible Deluxe Hand-Bound Edition King James Large Print Version
CPT Coding Essentials for Cardiology 2019
Figures Mythiques Et Discours Religieux Dans lEmpire Greco-Romain
The Mainland Southeast Asia Linguistic Area
Approaches to Greek Poetry Homer Hesiod Pindar and Aeschylus in Ancient Exegesis
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing 2e
Die Rotatorenmanschette Grundlagen Diagnostik Und Therapie Von Rotatorenmanschettendefekten
China-European Union Investment Relationships Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance?
Holy Organ or Unholy Idol? The Sacred Heart in the Art Religion and Politics of New Spain
Ius Scriptum Lineamenti Di Epigrafia E Papirologia
Arrest Search and Investigation in North Carolina 2016 and 2018 Cumulative Supplement Bundle
Quantitative Regional Economic and Environmental Analysis for Sustainability in Korea
Pirro Ligorios Worlds Antiquarianism Classical Erudition and the Visual Arts in the Late Renaissance
Handbook of Flavor Ingredients Volume I
European Private International Law and Member State Treaties with Third States The Case of the European Succession Regulation
Semantic Web Technologies for Intelligent Engineering Applications
Die Ausl ndische Strafrechtswissenschaft in Selbstdarstellungen Die Internationale Rezeption Des Deutschen Strafrechts
Religion for Common Entrance 13+ Teacher Resource Book
Advances in System Reliability Engineering
Deep Rock Mechanics From Research to Engineering Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Mechanics Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources (IC3G 2018) September 21-24 2018 Chengdu PR China
CPT Coding Essentials for Orthopaedics Upper and Spine 2019
Clothing Sacred Scriptures Book Art and Book Religion in Christian Islamic and Jewish Cultures
Loose-Leaf Version of Universe
Hybrid Soft Computing for Image Segmentation
Therapy of Movement Disorders A Case-Based Approach
Engaging Families as Childrens First Mathematics Educators International Perspectives
CRC Handbook of HPLC for the Separation of Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins Volume II
Crime and Law Theory Research and Policy
Advances in Chinese Brand Management
Manual of Blood Platelets Morphology Physiology and Pharmacology
Carbon Dots As Theranostic Agents
Nanoengineering Fabrication Properties Optics and Devices XV
Social Organization Community
The Development of Science and Technology in Iran Policies and Learning Frameworks
Merrills Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures 3-Volume Set
Earth Portrait of a Planet
Women Counselling Empowerment Activism and Interpolation
Faith-Based Violence and Deobandi Militancy in Pakistan
Emerging Photovoltaic Materials Silicon Beyond
Trends in Broadcast Journalism
An African Perspective on Development Learning to Live and Living to Learn in the 21st Century
Beginning Science Body Systems Set
Information Technology and Library Managing Transformative Library Services
Agricultural Precedents Handbook
County and City Extra 2018 Annual Metro City and County Databook
Federal Tax Accounting 2019
The Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques
The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine
Volubilis apres Rome Les fouilles UCL INSAP 2000-2005
Research Methodology in Arts Science and Humanities
Business Civil Society and the `New Politics of Corporate Tax Justice Paying a Fair Share?
Social Work Skills and Knowledge
Rural Women and Women Empowerment
Welfare and Development of Women
Improving organic crop cultivation
Revolution and Its Alternatives Other Marxisms Other Empowerments Other Priorities
The Cambridge History of Music The Cambridge History of Sixteenth-Century Music
Energy Transition Financing Consumer Co-Ownership in Renewables
Crime Against Women and Children
Multiple Globalizations Linguistic Landscapes in World-Cities
Fraseologia Diatopia y Traduccion Phraseology Diatopic Variation and Translation
Experimental Techniques in Host-Plant Resistance
Mathematical Correspondences and Critical Editions
World Terraced Landscapes History Environment Quality of Life
Questioning Theoretical Primitives in Linguistic Inquiry Papers in honor of Ricardo Otheguy
Strategic Advances in Environmental Impact Assessment Challenges of Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction
Central Asia Perspectives and Present Challenges
Lactic Acid Bacteria in Foodborne Hazards Reduction Physiology to Practice
Instrumental Analysis Revised Edition
Regulation Fixtures in Hydronic Heating Installations Types Structures Characteristics and Applications
Humility as Enlightened Leadership
Aortic Valve Preservation Concepts and Approaches
Hulled Wheat
The Handbook of Continuous Crystallization
Biochemistry for Materials Science Catalysts Complexes and Proteins
Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime Fundamental Aspects and New Directions
Doing Politics Discursivity performativity and mediation in political discourse
The Unauthorized Practice of Law An Interactive Course
Removing Tax Barriers to Chinas Belt and Road Initiative
The Physics and Astrophysics of Neutron Stars
Player Playwright and Preachers Kid The Story of Nat Field 1587 - 1620
Topics in Theoretical Asian Linguistics Studies in honor of John B Whitman
Bartolome de las Casas OP History Philosophy and Theology in the Age of European Expansion
Mathematical Modelling in Plant Biology
Introduction to German Law
The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art
Russia Background Issues and Recent Developments
Micro to MACRO Mathematical Modelling in Soil Mechanics
Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy for the Eye
Qualitative Theory in Structural Mechanics Qualitative Properties and Existence of Solutions
Journale NB 11-14
The Best of the Grammarians Aristarchus of Samothrace on the Iliad
Metallurgical Design and Industry Prehistory to the Space Age
Recent Trends and Techniques in Plant Metabolic Engineering
Clinical Manual of Fever in Children
Neuroscience Robotics and Virtual Reality Internalised vs Externalised Mind Brain
Nutritional Quality Improvement in Plants
Contemporary Afro-Brazil A Multidisciplinary Anthology
Empirical Approach to Machine Learning
Tracing Technoscapes The Production of Bronze Age Wall Paintings in the Eastern Mediterranean
Advances in Pain Research Mechanisms and Modulation of Chronic Pain
Cancer Bioinformatics
Negation and Negative Concord The view from Creoles
Glial Cell Engineering in Neural Regeneration
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Electricity Markets
Titration Theory Types Techniques and Uses
Global Satellite Meteorological Observation (GSMO) Applications Volume 2
Theologisch Konservativ Studien Zu Genese Und Anliegen Der Evangelikalen Bewegung in Deutschland
Toward a Science Campus in Milan A Snapshot of Current Research at the Physics Department Aldo Pontremoli
Microgrids Design and Implementation
Advances in Algebra and Analysis International Conference on Advances in Mathematical Sciences Vellore India December 2017 - Volume I
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Mudflat Ecology
Securities Regulation Selected Statutes Rules and Forms 2019 Edition
Phytoplasmas Plant Pathogenic Bacteria -II Transmission and Management of Phytoplasma Associated Diseases
Alcohol Oxidation Reaction Effects and Applications
Surgery for Gynecologic Cancer
Quantum Photonics Pioneering Advances and Emerging Applications
Information Geometry and Its Applications On the Occasion of Shun-ichi Amaris 80th Birthday IGAIA IV Liblice Czech Republic June 2016
Dynamics Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests
The Brassica napus Genome
Oceanographic and Biological Aspects of the Red Sea
Comprehensive Rectal Cancer Care
Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Metalloenzymes as Inspirational Electrocatalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis From Mechanism to Model Devices
Hybrid Algorithms Techniques and Implementations of Fuzzy Logic
Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism
Trends and Advances in Veterinary Genetics
Advanced Analytical Methods in Tribology
Social Work with Adults
Data Analysis in Hotel and Catering Management
Systems and Software Testing Techniques and Frameworks
Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship
Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications
Pauline Hamartiology Conceptualisation and Transferences Positioning Cognitive Semantic Theory and Method Within Theology
Empowerment of Women Evaluation of Western and Asian Countries
Crisis Communication and Crisis Management
Big Data Analytics Methods and Applications
Ellestads Stress Testing Principles and Practice
Business Data Processing
Sustainability as a Strategic Approach in Organizational Behavior
Buddhism in the Modern World
Climate Change and Tourism
Assistive Technologies in the Library
Competitiveness in Trade of BRICS Countries
Software Adaptation in an Open Environment
Entrepreneurship Management in Hospitality Industry
International Perspectives on Cyberbullying
Photochemical Behavior of Multicomponent Polymeric-based Materials
Data Structures with C Programming
Glass Ceiling and Women Harassment at Workplace
Programming Software Development
Semiotic Principles Human Communication
Tourism and Poverty Reduction
Modern Journalism Issues and Trends
Media Reporting and Racism Based Crime
Professional Event Coordination
Prostate Cancer Imaging An Engineering and Clinical Perspective
Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations Towards an Inclusive Human Resource Practice
Managing Diversity at Workplace
Second Language Writing
Contrastive Linguistics in Theory and Practice A Global Perspective
Trade Between Developing Countries of the World
Quand Les Ottomans Firent Le Point Histoire Graphique Technique Et Linguistique de la Ponctuation Ottomane
Software Services for e-Business
Travel Tourism and Hospitality Global Dynamics
Instructional Process and Concepts in Theory and Practice Improving the Teaching Process
Sacred Languages of the World
Multiple Reformations? The Many Faces and Legacies of the Reformation
Social Work Assessment
Women Social Political and Economical Changes in the Last Five Decades
Key Trends in Corporate Training Development
Women and the Payscales Overcoming the Imbalance
International Business Strategy
Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction for Sustainable Infrastructures Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Jesuit Intellectual and Physical Exchange between England and Mainland Europe c 1580-1789 `The World is our House?
Durability of Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Testing Proceedings of the ICDCF 2016
Advances in Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Meeting Development Goals in Small Urban Centers
Marketing of Hospitality Services
Socio-Environmental and Legal Issues in Tourism
Computer Networks and Communications
Software and Systems Modeling Theoretical and Practical Issues
Contemporary Issues in Soil Mechanics Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Sciences Du Quadrivium Au Mont-Cassin Regards Croises Sur Le Manuscrit Montecassino Archivio Dellabbazia 318
Crystal Growth of Intermetallics
Religion and Volunteering
HR Solutions for Excellence in Training Development
Gods Heroes and Mythology Set
Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education Volume 2
Performance Evaluation of Cloud Services
Remembering the Soviet Past in Putins Russia
Evolution Sustainability Marketing
Contemporary Conflict Resolution
Sex Differentiation in Fishes
Contemporary Leadership Challenges
Optoelectronics for Low-Intensity Conflicts and Homeland Security
Ultimate Sports Road Trips Set
Business Communication
Services Experiences and Innovation Integrating and Extending Research
Changing Scenario of Business and E-Commerce Trends and Issues
Internet of Things
Soft Computing for Problem Solving SocProS 2017 Volume 2
Conservation Tourism
Design Science in Tourism
Complex Systems Design Management Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Complex Systems Design Management CSDM Paris 2016
Omics Applications for Systems Biology
Random Growth Models
Inside Technology Set
A First Course in Probability
Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence
Value Creation in International Business Volume 2 An SME Perspective
Building Corporate Libraries
Sustained Simulation Performance 2016 Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance University of Stuttgart (HLRS) and Tohoku University 2016
The Law of Industrial Action and Trade Union Recognition
Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education Volume 1
Solid Phase Microextraction Recent Developments and Applications
Cosmology Beyond Einstein
Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) Toward New Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Scleroderma From Pathogenesis to Comprehensive Management
Sustainable Solutions for Railways and Transportation Engineering Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
The Wiley Handbook of Vocational Education and Training
The Cambridge History of Science Volume 1 Ancient Science
Key Factors of Combustion From Kinetics to Gas Dynamics
Changes in the Brain Impact on Daily Life
Plural and Shared The Sociology of a Cosmopolitan World
Statistical Applications from Clinical Trials and Personalized Medicine to Finance and Business Analytics Selected Papers from the 2015 ICSA Graybill Applied Statistics Symposium Colorado State University Fort Collins
Project Management and BIM for Sustainable Modern Cities Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
Contested Cities and Urban Activism
Communities of Practice Facilitating Social Learning in Higher Education
Arthropod Diversity and Conservation in the Tropics and Sub-tropics
The Sundarbans A Disaster-Prone Eco-Region Increasing Livelihood Security
Engineering Foods for Bioactives Stability and Delivery
Ultra-low-Cycle Fatigue Failure of Metal Structures under Strong Earthquakes
Smart Cities Atlas Western and Eastern Intelligent Communities
Aquaculture and the Environment
Handbook of Organic Materials for Electronic and Photonic Devices
Looseleaf for Critical Thinking
Social Studies 2019 Spanish Leveled Reader Grade Level Kit Grade K
Discovery of Oyu Tolgoi A Case Study of Mineral and Geological Exploration
Nomads and Natives beyond the Danube and the Black Sea 700-900 CE
Neurotrauma A Comprehensive Textbook on Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury
Loose Leaf for Abcs of Relationship Selling
A Companion to African Cinema
Diffusion in Condensed Matter Methods Materials Models
Gottes Himmlische Wohnstatt Transformationen Im Verhaltnis Von Gott Und Himmel in Tempeltheologischen Entwurfen Des Alten Testaments in Der Exilszeit
Technological Tools for Value-Based Sustainable Relationships Emerging Research and Opportunities
Advances in Structure of Membrane Proteins
Alternative Crops and Cropping Systems
Recent Advances in Plant in Vitro Culture
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
Remote Sensing in Biology An Overview
Food Safety Contaminants and Toxins
Frozen Food Technology
Oil Pollution and Marine Ecology
Cellular Signaling and Phosphoproteomics
Genetic Engineering Principles and Advancements
Climate Change Adaptation
Women Education and Development A Continuous Revolution
Breeding Field Crops
Agricultural Cooperatives
Structural Biology of Membranes
Biochemical Ecology of Water Pollution
Signal Transduction in Cancer
Ecology and Management of Forest Soils
Emerging Technology for Diagnostic Microbiology
Teaching in Secondary Schools Meeting the Challenges of Todays Adolescents
Agricultural Science and Food Security
Soilless Farming The New Trend of Farming
Higher Education in the Digital Age
Industrial Waste Management
Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems
Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Agricultural Marketing
Democratic Education
Advances in Biomaterials Innovation and Application
Principles of Epigenetics
Ancient Food Technology
Animal Nutrition and the Influence of Probiotics
Multicultural Psychology
Cotton Pest Management
Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing
Natural Additives in Fish Processing
Veterinary Mycology
The EU Antitrust Damages Directive Transposition in the Member States
Cellular Therapy
Sustainability in the Food Industry
Disaster Management of Earthquakes Volcanoes
Genomic Architecture of Schizophrenia Across Diverse Genetic Isolates A Study of Dagestan Populations
Medicinal Plants Biotechnology
The Commons and a New Global Governance
Food Industry Processes and Technologies
Education Related to Economic Growth and Employment
Rapid Methods in Food Microbiology
Preventing and Resolving Conflicts of Jurisdiction in EU Criminal Law
Gene Editing An Update
Agricultural Biotechnology
Self-determination and Minority Rights in China
Modern Approach to Educational Technologies
GTPases in Cellular Signalling
Plant Breeding from Laboratories to Fields
Earthquake and Atmospheric Hazards
Imagery and Ingenuity in Early Modern Europe Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Chipps Smith
Marketing of Organic Food Produce
UN Security Council Referrals to the International Criminal Court Legal Nature Effects and Limits
Depositions Answer Book
Infectious Diseases An Evidence Based Approach
Antimicrobial Resistance
Counselling Adolescents
Bacterial Cell Biology
Advanced Teaching Methods and Curriculum
Biocomputation and Biomedical Informatics
Quality in Education Policies and Implementation
Advances and Applications of Immobilization
Agricultural Sustainability
Production of Plant Based Bioactive Compounds
Environmental Planning for Oceans and Coasts
Plant Genes Genomes and Genetics
Molecular Toxicology
Artificial Insemination of Farm Animals
Heat Shock Proteins and Stress
Urban Forest Ecosystem Management
Climate Change and Water Resources
Online Counselling and Guidance Skills
Correctional Counseling and Treatment
Concepts Compounds and the Alternatives of Antibacterials
Redox Biology and Cellular Metabolism
Push Button Agriculture
Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks
Advances in Beekeeping
The Johannine Footwashing as the Sign of Perfect Love An Exegetical Study of John 131-20
The Sociogony Social Facts and the Ontology of Objects Things and Monsters
The Edinburgh Companion to Anthony Trollope
Fundamentals of Anorectal Surgery
Sustainable Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites
Social Welfare Responses in a Neoliberal Era Policies Practices and Social Problems
Collected Papers Volume 4 1958-1979
Loose-Leaf Version for Biochemistry A Short Course
Dra Abu El-Naga II Hieratische Ostraka Und Namensteine Aus Dra Abu El-Naga
Stories of Globalisation The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf from Late Prehistory to Early Modernity Selected Papers of Red Sea Project VII
Computation and Combinatorics in Dynamics Stochastics and Control The Abel Symposium Rosendal Norway August 2016
Modern Architecture in Africa Practical Encounters with Intricate African Modernity
Intraarticular Fractures Minimally Invasive Surgery Arthroscopy
Emerging Trends in Banking and Finance 3rd International Conference on Banking and Finance Perspectives
Integrating the Internet of Things Into Software Engineering Practices
Atlas of Anatomic Hepatic Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Glissonean Pedicle Approach
The Geography of South Africa Contemporary Changes and New Directions
The Collected Works of John W Tukey Time Series 1965-1984 - Volume II
Presumption of Innocence in EU Anti-Cartel Enforcement
Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World Volume 59 2
Expressionism and Poster Design in Germany 1905-1922 Between Spirit and Commerce
Arztliche Aufklarungs- Und Informationspflichten Eine Auseinandersetzung Mit Der Qualitat Der Kodifizierung Der 630e Und 630c Bgb
Information Security Management Handbook Fifth Edition Volume 2
Calculus Early Transcendentals Multivariable
Biomimetic Medical Materials From Nanotechnology to 3D Bioprinting
The Sliding-Filament Theory of Muscle Contraction
Technologies for economical and functional lightweight design Conference proceedings 2018
Bariatric Therapy Alliance between Gastroenterologists and Surgeons
Principles and Applications of Aggregation-Induced Emission
Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants
Innovative Approaches and Applications for Sustainable Rural Development 8th International Conference HAICTA 2017 Chania Crete Greece September 21-24 2017 Selected Papers
Latest Thoughts on Ground Improvement Techniques Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures Egypt 2018 - The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)
The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies
Handbook of Electromagnetic Materials Monolithic and Composite Versions and Their Applications
Frontal Sinus Surgery A Systematic Approach
Enzymes in Food Technology Improvements and Innovations
The Edinburgh Companion to the Postcolonial Middle East
Handbook of Mobile Data Privacy
Green Biocomposites Manufacturing and Properties
Principles of Applied Mathematics
Guernsey Trust Law
Construction Robotics
Application of Carbon Nano Dots
Advanced Photovoltaic Materials
Theory And Problems of Fluid Dynamics
Observed Climate Variability and Change over the Indian Region
Chemical Engineering Problems in Biotechnology
Materials for Chemical Sensing
Motion Sickness A Motion Adaptation Syndrome
Thermo and Fluid Dynamics Recent Advances
Biodegradation and Bioconversion of Hydrocarbons
Essentials and Advances in Geochemistry of Natural Waters
Graphene Miracle Material
Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology
Quantum Dot Photovoltaics
Basic Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineering
Dyes and Pigments
Automatic Technology in Food Industry
Solid State Electrolytes Fundamentals and Applications
Semiconductor Material Technologies
Sol-Gel Synthesis of Nanomaterials and their Applications
Clinical Pulmonary Research
Televised Presidential Debates in a Changing Media Environment [2 volumes]
Granular Soft and Fuzzy Approaches for Intelligent Systems Dedicated to Professor Ronald R Yager
Advantage and Application of High Solid and Multi-Phase Bioprocess Engineering
Impact Behavior and Pedestrian Protection of Automotive Laminated Windshield Theories Experiments and Numerical Simulations
Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy - 2018
Data Reduction and Analysis
Francois Ier Et lItalie lItalia E Francesco I Echanges Influences Mefiances Entre Moyen Age Et Renaissance Scambi Influenze Diffidenze Fra Medioevo E Rinascimento
Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions Results of SSPCR 2015
Advances in Stem Cell Therapy Bench to Bedside
Machine Learning for Ecology and Sustainable Natural Resource Management
Memorized Discrete Systems and Time-delay
Molecular Spectroscopy-Experiment and Theory From Molecules to Functional Materials
Carbon-Containing Polymer Composites
Cell and Tissue Engineering
Die Deutschen Konigspfalzen Band 5 Bayern Teilband 13 Altbayern Regensburg
Cotton Fiber Physics Chemistry and Biology
Claudio Moraga A Passion for Multi-Valued Logic and Soft Computing
Grundrechtsfoderalismus Eine Vergleichende Studie Zur Grundrechtsverwirklichung in Mehrebenen-Strukturen - Deutschland USA Und Eu
Studies of Pallas in the Early Nineteenth Century Historical Studies in Asteroid Research
Handbook of Magnetic Materials Volume 27
Loss of Homes and Evictions Across Europe A Comparative Legal and Policy Examination
Spinal Cord Tumors
The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature
Natural Products as Source of Molecules with Therapeutic Potential Research Development Challenges and Perspectives
Water and Sanitation Sustainability
Advanced Concepts for Solar Cells
Applications of Quantum Dots
Cut in Alabaster A Material of Sculpture 1330-1530
Basic Confocal Microscopy
Advancements in Nanoplasmonics Research
Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials
The Wiley Handbook of Mentoring
Systems Chemical Biology Methods and Protocols
Biochemistry in Nutrition
Modelling of Molecular Properties Theoretical Principles and Numerical Simulations
Computer Mathematics
Environmental Physics
Theory of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics
Desalination Sustainability
Risk Management in Public Administration
Future Manufacturing Systems
Two-Fluid Model Stability Simulation and Chaos
Implementing Communities of Practice in Higher Education Dreamers and Schemers
Advancement of Technologies in Research
Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing and Big Data in the 5G Era
Modern Devices Thermodynamics Batteries Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors
Loose-Leaf Version for Essentials of General Organic and Biochemistry
Physics of Energy Sources
Application of Biotechnology in Pulp and Paper Processing
Nanotechnology in Smart Textiles
Recent Techniques in Titrimetry
Computational Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics for Scientists
Permutation Polynomial Interleavers for Turbo Codes
Chemical and Biochemical Processes
Differential Equations Theory and Applications
Computational and Numerical Simulations
Sensors for Everyday Life Environmental and Food Engineering
Industrial Organic Pigments Production Crystal Structures Properties Applications
Brexit The Legal Implications The Legal Implications
Rechtsschutzversicherung 125-129 Arb 2010 2012
Practical Guide to S Corporations (8th Edition)
Regulating Strikes in Essential Services A Comparative Law in Action Perspective
Family Demography in Asia A Comparative Analysis of Fertility Preferences
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016 679 Post-Reform Personal Data Protection in the European Union
Automatic Cyberbullying Detection Emerging Research and Opportunities
Transgenic Plant Technology for Remediation of Toxic Metals and Metalloids
St Augustine and Plotinus the Human Mind as Image of the Divine
The Roles of Innovation in Competition Law Analysis
Anlegerschutzgesetze Kunden- Und Anlegerschutz Im Bank- Und Investmentrecht
Nano Structures Toward Biomedical Application Volume 2
2265-2302 (gemeinschaftliches Testament Erbvertrag)
Historia Animalium Buch 5
Challenging the Status Quo Diversity Democracy and Equality in the 21st Century
Radiative Neutron Capture Primordial Nucleosynthesis of the Universe
Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
Nano Structures for Energy Storage and Conversion and their Application as Catalysts for Photochemistry and Sensing Volume 1
Halophytes and Climate Change Adaptive Mechanisms and Potential Uses
Pearson eText -- Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory -- Access Card
Einleitung Edition bersetzung
Gastrointestinal Disease and Its Treatment in Ancient Mesopotamia An Edition of the Medical Prescriptions Dealing with the Gastrointestinal Tract Jaundice and Diarrhea
Bayesian Networks for Managing Learner Models in Adaptive Hypermedia Systems Emerging Research and Opportunities
The Supervisory Jurisdiction Over Trust Administration
Handbook of Language Gender and Sexuality A Feminists Perspective
Internal Revenue Code Income Estate Gift Employment and Excise Taxes (Winter 2019 Edition)
The Japanese Legal System
Handbook of Chemical and Biochemical Technologies
Specialized Administrative Law of the European Union A Sectoral Review
Kollegiatstift Ss Stephani Und St Sebastiani Zu Beckum Die Bist mer Der Kirchenprovinz K ln Das Bistum M nster 12 Das
European Energy Studies Volume 14 The European Energy Transition Actors Factors Sectors
Eleanor Smiths i>Hull House Songs i> The Music of Protest and Hope in Jane Addamss Chicago
Loose Leaf for Fundamentals of Taxation 2019 Edition
The Pre-Christian Religions of the North Research and Reception Volume II From C 1830 to the Present
Calculus Early Transcendentals Single Variable
Teaching Morality in Antiquity Wisdom Texts Oral Traditions and Images
Algebraic and Analytic Microlocal Analysis AAMA Evanston Illinois USA 2012 and 2013
The Calabar Bean and its Alkaloids From Magic via Miracle to Memory
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
Oil and Gas A Practical Handbook 3rd edition
Articular Cartilage Dynamics
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection - MPES 2018
Current Concepts of Sleep Apnea Surgery
Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production SWEMP 2018-Selected Works
Anthony and Berrymans Magistrates Court Guide 2019
Psychosocial Care of End-Stage Organ Disease and Transplant Patients
The Oxford Handbook of Voice Perception
Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision-Making Using Neutrosophic Sets
Basic Fundamentals of Drug Delivery
Business Models and ICT Technologies for the Fashion Supply Chain Proceedings of IT4Fashion 2017 and IT4Fashion 2018
Special Reports Set 4
Plant Genome Editing with CRISPR Systems Methods and Protocols
Articular Cartilage of the Knee Health Disease and Therapy
Computational Biology of Non-Coding RNA Methods and Protocols
Primate Life Histories Sex Roles and Adaptability Essays in Honour of Linda M Fedigan
Encyclopedia of Primatology
Mediastinal Pathology
Tech Titans Set
Genomic Designing of Climate-Smart Oilseed Crops
Maroon Cosmopolitics Personhood Creativity and Incorporation
Machine Learning in Bio-Signal Analysis and Diagnostic Imaging

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