When I Was a Child
A Sermon Preached in the Meeting-House of the First Church Dorchester on Sunday June 19 1870 Being the Two Hundred and Fortieth Anniversary of the First Assembling of the Church for Divine Service After Its Landing in America
The Claims of God to Recognition in the Assassination of President Lincoln A Sermon Preached on the Day of National Himiliation and Prayer in the Chanceford Presbyterian Church Lower Chanceford York Co Pa and in the Prospect Methodist Episcopal Ch
Advice Addressed to the Lower Ranks of Society Useful at All Times More Especially in the Present
British Columbia Its Conditions and Prospects Soil Climate and Mineral Resources Considered
Report of the Work of the Seventeenth Year Of the Pacific Garden Mission Ending September 15 1894
Catholicism with Freedom an Appeal for a New Policy Being a Paper Read at the Anglo-Catholic Congress at Birmingham on the 22nd of June 1922 and Now Addressed as an Open Letter to All Members of the Church of England and Particularly to Those Who Pro
Short Summary of Historical Facts Calculated to Prove That Sebastopol Is Armageddon the Place Spoken of in REV XVI 16
Speech of the Hon Henry Clay in the House of Representatives of U S on the Seminole War
The Country Squire
A Sermon Preached at Sissaboo Now Called Weymouth in Nova Scotia On the 15th October 1797
The Modern Treatment of Mental Nervous Disorders A Lecture Delivered at the University of Manchester on 25th March 1918
Some of the Essentials of Beekeeping From the Fifty-Ninth Annual Report of the State Board of Agriculture
Kid Curlers A Farce in One Act
The Golden Gate Special Union Pacific Railway Southern Pacific Company Pullmans Palace Car Company Between Council Bluffs or Omaha and San Francisco
Cosmos or Chaos? Theism or Atheism?
The Spectral Feast
Military Interference with the Organization of a Legislature
Abraham Lincoln of Illinois An Address Delivered Before the Union League Club of Chicago on Lincolns Birthday Saturday February Twelfth 1921
Contemporaneous Pagan Views of the Early Christians An Address by William Holcombe Thomas Delivered Before the Busy Peoples Bible Class of Montgomery Sunday Nov 7 1909 Also Before the Mt Meigs District S S Convention Held at Mathews ALA No
A Thanksgiving Conspiracy A Thanksgiving Play for Grammar and Junior High Grades
Speech of Mr Charles Hudson of Mass on the Subject of the War with Mexico Delivered in the House of Representatives May 14 1846
The Perplexing Problem or Justice to the Indian A Poem in Three Parts
Thomas Gyles and His Neighbors 1669-1689 Or the Settlement of the Lower Kennebec
Equality as Consistent with the British Constitution In a Dialogue Between a Master-Manufacturer and One of His Workmen
A Last Word for The Quadrateurs A Paper Read for The Club (Literary) of Springfield Mass April 27th 1900
A Dialogue Between a Member of Parliament and His Servant In Imitation of the Seventh Satire of the Second Book of Horace
Speech of President Eliot for Aid in the Preservation of the Old South Meeting-House
The Mythology of the Efatese
Spirituality and Psychism
A Second Modest Enquiry Into the Causes of the Present Disasters in England And Who They Are That Brought the French Fleet Into the English Channel Described Being a Farther Discovery of the Jacobite Plot Together with a List of Those Noble-Men Gentl
The Trial of George Robert Fitzgerald Esq Timothy Brecknock Esq Barrister at Law and Others for the Murder of Patrick Randal McDonnel Esq and Mr Hipson
A Peppy Program for Men
Providential Design of the Slavery Agitation A Sermon Preached to the Congregational Church of Gloversville on the National Fast Day January 4th 1861
Speech of the Earl of Donoughmore in the House of Lords During the Debate Upon the Address in Reply to Her Majestys Gracious Speech Jan 6 1881
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 3 March 19 1892
Russell V Wiseman or Reason V Opinion An Appeal to the Lords
A Sermon Preachd Before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament Assembled in the Abbey-Church at Westminster on Tuesday January 30 1727 28 Being the Anniversary Fast for the Martyrdom of King Charles I
Some Conditions of Child Life in England
Uncle Sams Forest Rangers Vol 524 March 4 1943
Parish of St Mary Almonte Ontario
The Bunch of Violets
The Patriot Vol 2 6 July 1922
The Voice of the Addressers Or a Short Comment Upon the Chief Things Maintaind or Condemnd in Our Late Modest Addresses
A Letter to Andrew Stone Esq
A Master Mind
Fremont the Pathfinder or Bullet and Bayonet on Missouri Battlefields
John Gardner Murray Priest Prelate Primate
Our Prospects and Duties A Sermon on the War Preached at Paterson N J on Sunday Evening April 28th 1861
The Oath A Sermon on the Nature and Obligation of the Oath with Special Reference to the Oath of Allegiance Delivered in the Presbyterian Church Lexington Va March 27th 1864
Address Delivered at the Eighth Anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society Dec 25 1823
Sixteen Causes of War
A Lesson in Judging Cattle
Afterthoughts of Armageddon The Gamut of Emotions Produced by the War Pointing a Moral That Is Not Too Obvious
As You Were! a Word of Advice to Straight-Haired Folks Addressed to the Freemen of Connecticut by One of Their Number
The Birds Nest Or the History of Little George
The Old Meeting-House Hingham Massachusetts
Point Furniture
Portrait of Washington
A Sermon Delivered Lords Day January 6 1828 Soon After the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the Church in Somers
An Oration on the Pleasures and Advantages of Knowledge and the Necessity of Moral as Well as Mental Cultivation to Individual Excellence and National Prosperity Delivered Before the Literary Societies of the University of Georgia August 3D 1837
Report of the Select Committee on the License Law
Valley Herald Vol 8 December 1869
Polly of Pogues Run A Play in One Act
Reports of the Officers of the An And N C Railroad Co To the Stockholders at Their 54th Annual Meeting Held at Morehead City N C Thursday August 13th 1908
Address of Hon Elihu B Washburne Response of Governor Thos T Crittenden on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Portrait of Hon Edward Hempstead to the State of Missouri Jefferson City February 3 1881
The Harmonious Development of a Child
Description of Pompeian Ruins Restorations and Scenes Exhibited at the Pompeian Museum Fairmount Park
Historical Notice of the Congregational Church in Dudley With the Articles of Faith Covenant C
A Discourse Suggested by Weirs Picture of the Embarkation of the Pilgrims Vol 2 Delivered in the Unitarian Church Washington December 31st 1843
The Increasing Debt of History to Science
Annual Report of the Boston Public Library For the Year Ending June 30 1978
The Bride of the Violin And Other Poems
Message of Gov John Gill Shorter to the General Assembly of the State of Alabama at the Called Session Begun and Held on the Twenty-Seventh October 1862
Constitution of the Pennsylvania Association of the Defenders of the Country in the War of 1812 As Amended July 4th 1860
Abraham Lincoln An Address
Daddys Little Girl and Other Child Verse
Table Talk in the Home
To My Mother Illustrated
The Discovery and Transportation to St Petersburg of the Berezovka Mamoth Translated and Described in a Paper Read Before the Torquay Natural History Society June 14th 1905
Deer Their Habits and Management By Underwood
Memorials of Phebe Field and Anne Mott
On the Eight Lines Usually Prefixed to Horat Serm 1 10
Implantation of Teeth
A Review of the Theory of Universal Gravitation
The Study of Natural History An Address Delivered Before the Linnaean Association of Pennsylvania College Gettysburg Pa at the Annual Commencement Sept 19th 1849
The Teachers Dream
A Poem on Niagara Falls
Reform Judaism Discourse at the Celebration of Dr Samuel Hirschs 70th Anniversary Delivered by His Son the Rabbi of Chicago Sinai Congregation
Address of Honorable Frank S Black at Carnegie Hall New York October 30 1908
A Directory to Burnss Birth Place Alloway Kirk Monument and Slabs and His Haunts on the Ayr
America the Study of Nations Her Religious Destiny The Columbian Sermon Delivered on S Pauls Cathedral Buffalo New York
Intercession A Sermon Preached on Sabbath December 30th 5677 1916
Reports and Other Papers Relating to the McPherson-Dawson Police Patrol Winter 1910-11 and the Death of Inspector Francis J Fitzgerald and All Members of the Patrol
High Low Jack and the Game or the Card Party A Most Extravagant Extravaganza or Rum-Antick Burletta in One Act
The Blessed Damozel A Poem
The Valley Forge Forgeries
Articles of Faith and Covenant of the Mariners Church Boston
David of Modin A Chanukah Play
The Water-Melon Cure Knock-About Farce in One Act
Extracts of Letters and Other Writgins of the Israelite Preachers 1823
Recollections of Public Men A Paper Read Before the Chicago Historical Society November 15th 1881
Phonography or Writing by Sound A Natural Method of Writing All Languages by One Alphabet Composed of Signs That Represent the Sounds of the Human Voice
A Review of the Presidential Battle-Field With Gen John A Logan as the Republican Standard-Bearer in 1884
Sunday Not the Mosaic Sabbath A Sermon Preached in S Pauls Church Chestnut Hill Philadelphia by John Andrews Harris A M Rector on the Morning of the Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity September 23d 1866
A Sermon Delivered in the Second Presbyterian Church Charleston S C on 17th September 1820 Commemorative of the Life and Character of the Reverend Andrew Flinn DD Late Pastor of Said Church
Bella Charito La Juguete Cimico-Lirico En Un Acto y En Prosa
Eulogy Upon William Wirt
Romeo of the Rancho A Comedy
Imps and Angels A Comedy Vaudeville
Letter of Hon James C Jones of Tennessee to His Constituents on Political Parties His Past Course and Future Intentions
Friend Husband A Comedy
The King A Morality
Foiled by Heck! A Truly Rural Drama in One Scene and Several Dastardly Acts
The Building of the State
James J Strang Weighed in the Balance of Truth and Found Wanting His Claims as First President of the Melchisedek Priesthood Refuted
Some Critical Appreciations of William Butler Yeats as Poet Orator and Dramatist
Christian Science A Brief Answer to the Question What Is It?
Three Days in Reconquered Alsace
Benton Battle Field
Creation of a Rose and Short Poems
The Vitality of Mormonism An Address
A History of Education in New Mexico Pertinent Advice to Students Education and Its Relations to the Discovery Conquest Civilization and Colonization of New Mexico the Minister of God and the Teacher
Senator Lodge Past and Present
Roof and Side-Wall Painting With Full Instructions
Address at Meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
Political Papers on South African Topics
When Knights Were Bold An Incident of King Arthurs Court
Hay Fever Its Etiology and Treatment A Lecture Delivered at the London Hospital Medical College
What Rosie Told the Tailor a Farce in One Act
Her Service Flag A Play in One Act
Faust and Marguerite A Romantic Drama in Three Acts
Pollocks Juvenile Drama The Blue Jackets or Her Majestys Service A Farce in One Act
Rags and Bottles Vol 8 The Two Waifs an Original Commedy in Two Acts
Preservation of Niagara Falls Mr Cullom Presented the Following Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations in Regard to the Preservation of Niagara Falls April 21 1906
Easy Lessons for Lace Makers Fancy Stitches Illustrated Showing Clearly How to Make All Modern Laces
The Limits of Preaching and Teaching in the Baptist Denomination
The True Teacher
Theodore Jr Play in Ne ACT
An International Hospital in Turkey
A Lecture on the Art of Singing
A Short Narrative of Facts Relative to the Invention and Practice of Steam-Navigation
The Relations of Structural and Functional Psychology to Philosophy
Haunted by a Shadow
Brief Sketch of the Battle of Gettysburg
War Verse
The Childrens Corner
The Family of Mrs Louise E Bettens Born Rochat and of Alexander Dettens
Milwaukees Early Days
The Integrity of the Holy Scriptures and Their Divine Inspiration and Authority Vindicated Against the Recent Attacks Upon the Pentateuch In a Sermon Preached on the Second Sunday in Advent in the Church of the Holy Trinity Roehampton
Some Remarks on the Life and Character of General David Cobb Delivered at the Taunton Lyceum July 2D 1830
Reprint of an Oration Delivered at the Request of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey
The Christian Point of View in the Study of the Bible A Sermon Preached in Balliol College Chapel on Trinity Sunday June 8 1879
Address Delivered by Comrade N V Randolph Before R E Lee Camp No 1 C V December 3 1886
The Cowboys Pledge A Drama in a Prologue and One Act
Sketches Our Lands and People
Abraham Lincoln on the Tariff The Great Emancipator a Firm Believer in the Policy of Protection to American Labor and Industry Extracts from Lincolns Speeches and Writings on the Tariff
The System of Doctrine Formulated by the Westminster Assembly An Address Delivered Before the Synod of Texas December 1897
Annual Report of Chinese Mission Work on the Hawaiian Islands June 1886 June 1887
A Letter on Protracted Meetings Addressed to the Church in Paris
The Land Where the Good Dreams Grow A Dance Fantasy
Antichrist Detected A Sermon Preached in St Thomass Church Birmingham
2 Cases of Notions Consigned to Uncle Sams Daughters
Economic Background for a Tax Reduction Bill Prepared for the Use of the Committee on Ways and Means U S House of Representatives
Was Joseph Smith a Polygamist?
Proceedings of the Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women Held in Philadelphia May 15th 16th 17th and 18th 1838
Some Preliminary Suggestions for a Pasadena Plan
The Moral Sentiment of the People the Index and Foundation of National Greatness An Address by Edgar A Bancroft on the Occasion of the Dedication of the Soldiers Memorial Hall of Knox County Ill
Wanted One Thousand Spirited Young Milliners for the Gold Diggings A Farce in One Act
Grande Justification Des Jacobins
A Great Man Fallen A Discourse on the Death of President Harrison Delivered in the Third Congregational Church of Portland on Sabbath Morning April 18 and on Thursday Evening April 22 1841 The Day of the Annual Fast
Some Experiences of an Irish R M Vol 7 A Misdeal
The Carnation To the Honourable Miss Grace Pelham a Poem Upon Her Marriage to the Honourable Lewis Watson Esq
Duffys Wave Motor As a Source of Power for Various Purposes
Granny of the Hills A Home Missionary Play
My Ship or One Day by the Sea
Religion and Philosophy
The Boston Dip A Comedy in One Act
A Narrative of the Missions to the New Settlements According to the Appointment of the General Association of the State of Connecticut Together with an Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Money Contributed by the People of Connecticut in Ma
Re-Taming of the Shrew A Shakespearean Travesty in One Act
Catalogue of Californian Writers 1893
Our Aunt Robertina A Comedietta in One Act for Four Males and Three Females
The Importance of a Religious Education Illustrated and Enforced A Sermon Delivered at Worcester October 31 1793 Occasioned by the Execution of Samuel Frost on That Day for the Murder of Captain Elisha Allen of Princeton on the 16th Day of July
A Book of Verses
Christianity and Force
Lincoln in the Light of His Age A Centenary Memorial
Zionism A Lecture Delivered at the Public Library Swansea on Saturday December 9th 1906
The Tragedy of the Jews in the European War Zone
The Story of the Raising and Organization of a Regiment of Volunteers in 1862
Unpublished Lyrics And Other Verse
Water Supply Systems for the Country Home Vol 2
Santangelos Reply to the Editors of the Redactor Senores Carrion and Granja Involving Some Remarks of Public Interest
Shamus OBrien The Bold Boy of Glingall
Im Not Mesilf at All An Original Irish Stew
Dick and Tom A Dialogue about Addresses
Sacrifice of Self the Proof of Love
Dramatic Thoughts Retrospective-Anticipative An Address Delivered at the Royal Institution on Friday Evening March 17th 1905
A Serious Thing A Play in One Act
The Political Green-House for the Year 1798 Addressed to the Readers of the Connecticut Courant January 1st 1799
Proceedings and Speeches on the Announcement of the Death of Hon William M Cooke of Missouri In the House of Representatives of the Confederate States on the 18th of April 1863
The Young Travellers Delight Containing the Lives of Several Noted Characters Likely to Amuse All Good Children
Providence in War A Thanksgiving Discourse
The Piasaquan Vol 1 August 12 1933
Account of the Management of the Poor in Hamburgh Between the Years 1788 and 1794 In a Letter to Some Friends of the Poor in Great Britain
Sketch of the Life of Gen John Burrows Of Lycoming County
Sauk-E-Nuk the Ancient City of the Sauks Its Location Construction Population Government Antiquity and Home Life Black Hawks Watch-Tower and Lovers Tomb
The Donkey the Elephant and the Goat At a Public Meeting
Selected List of Fiction Poetry Legends of Special Jewish Interest 1911-1912
Ornithological Notes From Norfolk and Suffolk for 1885
Eloquence Its Characteristics and Its Power An Oration Delivered Before the Thalian and Phi Delta Societies of Oglethorpe University Georgia at the Commencement November 18 1846
Perfidy Detected Or the Children in the Wood Restored
Brains Better Than Bets or Beer
Princeton Theological Seminary Address Delivered by Invitation of the Directors on the Occasion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Seminary in Alexander Hall Princeton New Jersey
A Sermon Preached in Worcester Massachusetts on the Occasion of the Special Fast July 23d 1812
Papers Read Before the First Annual Conference of the American Indian Association Ohio State University Columbus October 12 to 15 1911
Forestry and Forest Preservation in Alabama
Hermathena A New Edition of Manilius Book 1
The Cure of Saul A Sacred Ode As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures and Drawings the Property of the Trustees of William Angerstein Esq Removed from Weeting Hall Norfolk Pictures and Drawings from the Mary Ractcliff Chambers Trust Formerly Part of the Collection of Abraham H
In Memoriam Charles Loring Joslin A Sermon Preached in the Unitarian Church in Leominster Sunday January 8th 1893
The Tributes to the British and American Unknown Warriors
Le Banquet Des Dieux Pour La Naissance de Monseigneur Le Duc de Bourgogne
Ode Human Brotherhood
Scarlet Fever Its Prevention and Control
Our Better Banking System
Cinderella A Drama
Better Gardens Being a Number of Extracts from the Book Garden Guide and Record Which Is Published by Peter Henderson and Co for the Use of Their Customers
The German Element in Maryland Up to the Year 1700
The Credit Valley Railway
The Brief-Narrative Art of Theophile Gautier
American Presbyterianism A Sermon Delivered on Lords Day November 11 1853
Umar of Nishapur
Make-Believe A Comedietta
Thoughts on Life-Science
Common Sense Stock Speculation A Treatise on Stock Speculation and Investment Including the Experience of Successful Traders
Hoods Cook Book
Address to the People of Pennsylvania September 1864
Serbian Ballads
The Aquarium Vol 3 January 1893
Greco-Roman and Arabic Bronze Instruments and Their Medico-Surgical Use
Philosophy of Trade Unions An Essay Devoted to the Interests of the Thousands Who in the Daily Struggle for Labors Rights Do Battle for the True Freedom of the Human Race
Camp Rotary
Diary of Battles Marches and Incidents of the Seventh S C Regiment 1862
The Meaning of Thanksgiving Day a Seasonal Play
Hidden Love A Comedy in One Act
Anthropologic Scraps September 10 1919
The Terms of Peace in an American War Policy
Aunt Sophronia at College
The Teacher Sent from God A Sermon Preached After the Ordination Held by the Bishop of Oxford at Cuddesdon on Trinity Sunday 1856
The Prim Miss Perkins A Sketch in One Act
How to Win the War
Geology of Sangamon County
Homeopathy or the Family Cure A Farce
The Focus Vol 6 January 1917
Monastic and Conventual Institutions Speech Delivered in the House of Commons On the 3rd Day of March 1865
Patriotism the Safe Guard of the Nation
The Kansas State Normal School Vol 8 April 1910 Supplement Issued by the Latin Department
A Sermon on Occasion of the Death of Thomas Jas Earle of Aberdeen A Member of the Sophomore Class in the University of Mississippi Preached in the Presbyterian Church of Oxford Miss Dec 7th 1856
Jane McCrea A Dramatic Poem
An Oration Pronounced at Littleton July 4 1806 The Thirtieth Anniversary of American Independence
Proceedings of the Senate of Pennsylvania in Commemoration of Hon Israel W Durham Late a Senator from the Second District Tuesday March 7 1911
English Composition in Elementary Schools
Coping Saw Work
Speech of Hon William Jackson Armstrong Of Perris California
Oration Delivered by Hon John Randolph Tucker LL D Of Virginia April 7 1888 at the Celebration of the Centennial of the Founding of the Northwest at Marietta Ohio
A Vindication of Mr Adamss Oration
American Progress A Lecture Delivered Before the Young Mens Mercantile Library Association of Cincinnati December 3 1846
Eulogium on Chief Justice Marshall Delivered in the Unitarian Church Washington City on the 24th of September 1835
An Essay on Spensers Faery Queen
Correspondence Between Senator Reed Smoot and N V Jones Including a Discussion of the Senators Record in the United States Senate
The Indictment July 1919
William Kneeland Townsend Commemorative Adresses at the Yale Law School June 18 1907
A Talk with Shayes Brother-In-Law
Letter from Henry R Jackson of Georgia to Ex-Senator Allen G Thurman With Explanatory Papers
On a Proper Education for an Agricultural People Delivered American Institute of Instruction Boston August 1835
Impressions of Ireland
Say Ranger Or How to Perform in the Information Center
Speech of Hon William R Sapp of Ohio Against the Outrages in Kansas and in Favor of Freedom and Fremont Delivered in the House of Representatives July 23 1856
Three Weeks in America 1877
The Story of Frank Harcourt And Instance of Vanity
The Berea Quarterly Vol 12 January 1909
A Biographical Sketch of George Washington
Molly White Or the Bride Bewitched a Tale
The Romance of Mississippi Valley History
The War in January 1918
Description of Proposals Relating to Tax Treatment of Military Personnel Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Senate Committee on Finance on February 27 1991
The Care of the Baby Prepared by a Committee of the American Association for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality and Presented to the Association at Its Annual Meeting Held in Washington D C November 14-17 1913
Some Palestinian Cults in the Graeco-Roman Age
National Affairs at Home and Abroad Speech of Hon Charles Sumner at the Annual Convention of the Republican Party of Massachusetts Held at Worcester September 22 1869
The Devil at the Fair Or Reflections on Nude Art
Old and Ancient Rye
The Trend of Scientific Thought Away from Religious Beliefs
The Third Report of the Hawaiian Missionary Society Presented by the Board of Directors at the Anniversary Meeting May 1854
Songs from the Southland
Skat Up to Date
Why Is America Neutral?
My Wifes Mirror A Comedy in One Act
A Disquisition on Creation Annihilation the Future Existence and Final Happiness of All Sentient Beings
Aus Meinem Leben Und Aus Meiner Zeit Vol 3
Magnetite Occurrences Near Calabogie Renfrew County Ontario
Alexanders Feast or the Power of Music A Song in Honour of St Cecilia 1697
Penal Discipline Three Letters Suggested by the Interest Taken in the Recent Inquiry in Birmingham and Published in The Daily News 23rd 24th and 26th September
Souvenir of Black Lake A Story of the Past and Present
Preuische Jahrbucher 1873 Vol 31
On Some Words Derived from Languages of N American Indians
The Doane Family
A History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860
The Federal and State Constitutions Colonial Charters and Other Organic Laws of the State Territories and Colonies Now or Heretofore Forming the United States of America Volume 7
The Victoria History of the County of Lincoln
The Life and Times of John Wesley Founder of the Methodists Volume 2
The Supreme Court in United States History Volume 3
The History of Wapello County Iowa Containing a History of the County Its Cities Towns C a Biographical Directory of Citizens War Record of Its Volunteers in the Late Rebellion General and Local Statistics History of the Northwest History O
A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia and the District of Columbia
The History of the Thirty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Veteran Infantry (Yates Phalanx) in the War of the Rebellion
The Chess Congress of 1862 a Collection of the Games Played Ed by J Liwenthal
The History of Medway Mass
The History of Tom Jones a Foundling Volume 1
A Treasury of Plays for Children
A History of the United States Volume 4
The Complete American and Canadian Sportsmans Encyclopedia of Valuable Instruction
The History of Orangeburg County South Carolina
A System of Psychology Volume 1
The Science of Mechanics
An Inquiry Into the Doctrine of the Eternal Sonship of Jesus Christ
A Little More Light on Andrew Johnson
The Catechism of Perseverance Or an Exposition of Religion from the Beginning of the World Down to Our Own Days Tr from the 10th Fr
The Ship in the Wake A Three-ACT Play for Boys and Young Men
A Few Agonizing Spasms Written Aboard the U S S Enterprise During the Cruise of 95
Late Blight and Rot of Potatoes Caused by the Fungus Phytophthora Infestans (Mont) de Bary
Rose McCrea
Lets Get Acquainted
Pacific Science Monthly Vol 1 March 1885
O Joy San a Comedy-Drama in One Act for Two Men and Four Women
An Illustration of Some Difficult Passages of Scripture on the Doctrine of Absolute Predestination Attempted in a Sermon Published by Request of Many Hearers
The New Pastor A Vaudeville Sketch in One Act
A Paper on the National Republican Convention of 1860 Read by Hon Elbridge G Keith Treasurer of the University at the University of Illinois June 19 1904
Fifth Letter to the REV William Palmer MA of Worcester College Oxford God Has Confided the Sacred Deposit of the Revelation of Christianity to an Infallible Authority
An Address Upon the Moral Claims of Temperance Delivered Before the Charleston Total Abstinence Society
The Last Ten Days Service of the Old Third Corps ( As We Understand It ) with the Army of the Potomac Address Delivered After the Anniversary Dinner of the Third Corps Union 5th May 1887 at the Hotel Windsor New York
Boys Stay at Home
Medical Missionary Work at Konia Asia Minor Report of the American Christian Hospital for the Year Ending June 30 1913
The Queen of the East Or the March of Progress
Rosalie A Comedy in One Act
A British Privateer in the American Revolution
Beautifying Our Schools
Libels on Washington With a Critical Examination Thereof
The Immigrant Child in the Public Schools
The Boor A Comedy in One Act
The Fairys Gift A Tale
Address of Hon Daniel Needham At the Dedication of the Town Hall at Falmouth Mass September 29 1881
A Prodigal Son A Comedy in One Act
Sketches of the History of Hutchinson
The Slacker a Play in One Act
A Manual of Agriculture for the Eighth Grade
Handy Andy Drama in Two
Three Wishes A Comedy in One Act
After the Circus
The North-Pacific Rural Vol 1 June 1877
Personal Recollections of Chickamauga A Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
Commencement July 30 1873
Elizabeths Young Man A Farce in One Act
Factors Underlying the Leadership of the Railways of America
The Bargain Counter A Farce in Three Scenes for Female Characters
Henrys Glass Eye Story
Under Sailing Orders A Comedy in One Act
Poison A Farce
Footprints of Famous Americans in Paris
Liadain and Curithir an Irish Love-Story of the Ninth Century
An Address Delivered Before the Alumni and Students of the Department of Law of the University of Michigan Wednesday June 24 1891
Americas New Industry Silk Growing A Complete Manual of Instructions for Silk Growers
Nebraska and Kansas Speech of Hon Edward Wade of Ohio in the House of Representatives May 27 1854
Historical Sketches of the Town of Warner New Hampshire
A Plea for One Methodism
Description and Use of an Improved Levelling Stave
REV William Harris Entered Into Rest March 23rd 1885
David Irish A Memoir
Agricultural Lime Its Sources Composition and Prices With Notes on Its Action in the Soil
Johns Emmy A Vaudeville Sketch in One Act
Report of the Proceedings at the Third Annual Meeting Held on the 30th April 1852
A Poem Delivered on the Anniversary of the Literary Fraternity of Waterville College July 26 1831
The History of Thomas Frankland
Zephyrs of the Valley
Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Funeral Solemnities of the Late President of the United States in the First Constitutional Presbyterian Church April 19 1865
Society for Promoting Legislation For the Control and Cure of Habitual Drunkards
The Study of History Commended to the Active Classes of Society A Lecture Delivered Before the Bath Mechanic Association December 4th 1838
The Outlines of Individualism A Lecture Delivered at the John Street Institution London on the 16th of October 1853
The Duty of Union in a Just War A Discourse Delivered in Stoneham April 8 1813 Being the Day of the State Fast
The Following Address Delivered at Albany February 22 1858 by the Late Col William A Jackson of the Eighteenth Regiment of New-York Volunteers Is Presented as a Memento of Him to the Officers and Privates of the Regiment
In Memoriam Sylvester Flagler Born at Lockport N Y February 10 1861 Died at Susp Bridge N Y November 29 1880
The Tempest
Ballads of Heaven and Hell
The Childs Own Story Book Or Simple Tales
God Save the Men of Denmark!
Annus Mirabilis A Poem Delivered at the Forty-Sixth Anniversary of the Philolexian Society of Columbia College
The University Question A Symposium
Forty-First Annual Program for the Observance of Arbor Day in the Schools of Rhode Island May 13 1932
William McKinley Memorial Address Delivered by John Hay Secretary of State in the Hall of the House of Representatives February 27th 1902
Lecture on Natural and Spiritual Science or the True Philosophy of Human Happiness Delivered at the City Hall New Bedford June 15th 1855
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 76 May 7 1914
The Call of Sorrow A Poem of Destiny
a William H Powells Historical Picture of the Discovery of the Mississippi by de Soto A D 1541 Painted by Order of the United States Government for the Rotunda of the National Capitol at Washington with an Examination of the Origin of the Picture
Address Delivered Sept 10th 1873 Before the Montgomery Co Agricultural Society at Its Twentieth Annual Exhibition Held at Rockville MD
The Gleaner Vol 10 May 1919
The Martyrdom of Belgium Official Report of Massacres of Peaceable Citizens Women and Children by the German Army Testimony of Eye-Witnesses
Siam The Need the Opportunity
The Century Plant or Chicago in 1970 As Originally Performed at the Dearborn Theatre
The Name of Samuel and the Stem
Souvenir of the Battle of Manila Bay Philippine Islands May 1st 1898
Delphic Kansas
Photo Retouching Instruction in Handling Mechanical and Pictorial Photographs Backgrounds Opaque Blending and the Use and Care of Air Brushes
The Arvidson Coat and Vest System A Scientific and Practical Short Measure System for Cutting Coats and Vests
D H S A Farcical Sketch
An Ode
South Carolina Disunion and a Mississippi Valley Confederacy
Elements of the Labor Problem
Biology and Industry
Ezras Dilemma A Sermon Preached in Christ Church Savannah on Friday August 21 St 1863 Being the Day of Humiliation Fasting and Prayer Appointed by the President of the Confederate States
Rock of Ages
Congregational Singing
The Paris Commune
Rock Enon Springs and Baths Frederick County Va Season of 1880
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abbey-Church of Westminster on Friday February 17 1758 Being the Day Appointed to Be Observed as a General Fast
A Reply to the Calumnies and Misrepresentations of Professor T H Key
The Two Cousins And the Water-Cress Girl
The Ritual The Reply of the Chief Rabbi
The Old Portage Road
Food Wealth from Grain How They Supply Basic Nutriment for All the World
There Is No Night
To Teach That Children Should Not Quarrel
Arbor Day Rhode Island May 12 1899
Farm Life a Century Ago A Paper Read Upon Several Occasions
The Young Sailor Vol 8 of 3 Or the Sea-Life of Tom Bowline
Sanitary Entombment The Ideal Disposition of the Dead
Sweets for Leisure Hours
Old Johnny Appleseed
The Folly of Fortune Telling
The Wiles of the Widow
Trail for the Murder of the Kings English
That Blonde Person A Farce in One Act
Samuel Davidson An Address Delivered at the Commemorative Exercises When the Monument Was Unveiled September 25th 1913
Whitehaugh A Poem
Finding the Mayflowers A Puritan Play for Children
Choosing an Orchard
Jottings from Russia
The Cabman and the Lady Vol 4
Purple Parrot Vol 2 April 1922
An Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of Hamilton College July 22 1845 Clinton N y
Cinematograph Films Their National Value and Preservation
The Introductory Address to the Eighth Lecture Course at the Albany College of Pharmacy Delivered October 1 1888
A Sermon on the Nature and Influence of Faith
Beneficial Insects
The Speech of Michael Thomas Sadler Esq M P in the House of Commons On the Second Reading of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill March 17 1829
Pasque-Flowers from Pikes Peak A Story
Brother and Sister Sonnets
A New World An Historical Drama of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
Old Greenwich
The Gift An Idyll of Bethlehem
Minutes of the Eighty-Fourth Annual Session of the Primitive Baptist Association of Regular Baptists Held with Rachael Church Wilkes County October 3 4 and 5 1952
Life of George Mifflin Dallas Vice President of the United States
Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Maryland Transmitted to the Governor and Commander-In-Chief in Pursuance of Law for the Year 1871
Bill Perkins Proposin Day
The Child Moses A Biblical Play
The True Aims of Education
Out of Doors for Women Vol 1 Issued Monthly November 1894
A Treaty of Arbitration or a Code of International Law the Basis of Peace An Address
Reflections on the Goodness of God to a Nation Three Score and Ten Years Old A Sermon Preached in the Fourth Presbyterian Church Albany on Thanksgiving Day November 24 1853
An Oration Pronounced at Springfield Mass On the Fourth of July 1823 Being the Forty Seventh Anniversary of the Declaration of American Independence
Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore MD Wednesday May Sixteenth Nineteen Hundred and Six
Some American Ideals An Address Delivered at Richmond Hill New York City on July 5 1915
The Waters of Strife
Protestant Republicanism the Conservative Element of American Freedom A Pulpit Oration Delivered Before the Monticello Troop July 4 1841
Our Hotel or Rats the Bell Boy A Farce in One Act
A Familiar Treatise on Drawing for Youth Being an Elementary Introduction to the Fine Arts
Church Unity League The Presidents Address at the First Annual Meeting of the League Held in Toronto May 29th 1914
Sherwood Bonner Her Life and Place in the Literature of the South
Old Times Reminiscences of the Early Days of Michigan An Address by Gov John J Bagley Before the Cass County Pioneer Association Wednesday June 21 1876
Mrs Murphys Disappointment Comedy Sketch
Sparking A Comedietta in One Act and One Scene
The Use of Activities in the Elementary School A Report of the First Annual Meeting of the National Council of Primary Education Detroit Mich February 22 1916
Cabman No 93 or Found in a Four Wheeler A Farce in One Act
Popular Songs for Community Meetings
Unchastity the Dominant Evil of the Age
Observations on the Rare Earths
Dont Judge by Appearances A Farce in One Act
What Constitutes a Finished Education Delivered on Commencement Day at Mills College Cal May 27 1896
William A Farce in One Act
The Glad World And Other Songs
The Dumb Philosopher or Great Britains Wonder Containing a Faithful and Very Surprising Account How Dickory Cronke a Tinners Son in the County of Cornwall Was Born Dumb and Continued So for Fifty-Eight Years And How Some Days Before He Died He CA
Hymn to Venus An Anthology in Miniature of Poems
Manual of the Panorama of the Battle of Shiloh Michigan Avenue Between Madison and Monroe Streets Chicago
Forestry I How to Make a Beginning II Waste Lands How to Convert Them Into Forests
A Stormy Night A Comedy in One Act
The Growth of Methuen A Paper Read Before the Methuen Historical Society
There Is No Unbelief A Poem
Abstract of an Account of Recent Archaeological Excursions in Wisconsin and Ohio Given at the Meeting of the American Antiquarian Society October 22 1883
An Oration Delivered in the Baptist Church in Georgetown (S C ) on Wednesday the 24th of June 1818 in Commemoration of St John the Baptist By Appointment of the Members of Winyaw Lodge No 69 Ancient Free Masons and Published by Request of the
The Gift of Friendship and Other Verses
Patriarchal Order or Plurality of Wives!
An Address in Memory of Ulysses S Grant
Penny It Shillin
As Advertised A Farce in One Fact
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 97 July 18 1935
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 92 September 18 1930
Two Poems Class Day Poem And the Purple Hills
Lovers of Zion Address Delivered Before the Mikve Israel Association of Philadelphia December 23 1894
History of the London Water Supply From the Creation of Man to A D 1884
Notes on Supply
Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society Vol 80 Annual Meeting Number Reports of President Secretary Treasurer and Chairmen of Committees July 1931
Speech of General McDowell at Sacramento California 3rd November 1864
Scenes at the Fair
Divine Glory Brought to View in the Final Salvation of All Mankind A Letter to the Friend to Truth
Forty-First Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester October 1873
Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer and School Committee of the Town of Derry For the Year Ending March 1 1870
Uncle Sams Right Arm A Patriotic Exercise
Joseph Smith Jr as a Translator Reprint of an Inquiry Conducted by Rt REV F S Spalding D D Late Bishop of Utah with the Kind Assistance of Capable Scholars
Our Autumn Offering
A Sportsmans Wanderings
Jacky Dandys Delight or the History of Birds and Beasts In Prose and Verse
The History of Master Watkins To Which Is Added the Tragical Death of an Apple-Pie
Chas W Pooles New Myriorama and Trips Abroad Illustrated Vocally Musically and Pictorially
The Little Brown Hen Hears the Song of the Nightingale And the Golden Harvest
Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures by Old Masters of D P Sellar Esq 68 Princes Gate S W Which Will Be Sold by Auction
Study Outlines of Elizabeth Harrisons Child Nature
The Weekly Valley Herald Vol 15 October 1876
The Free Homestead Vol 5 April 1868
Being a Souvenir of the Eleventh Annual Convention of the National Association of Stationers and Manufacturers Held at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco California September 27-30 1915
The Nature Guilt and Danger of Presumptuous Sins Set Forth in a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys Septemb 14th 1707
Speech of Mr Ingalls of Kansas In the Senate of the United States Wednesday January 14th 1891
The New Departure in College Education Being a Reply to President Eliots Defence of It in New York 1885
Youth and Scientific Innovation The Role of Young Scientists in the Development of a New Field
Our National Army A Question for the People
An Address to the Members of the Religious Society of Friends On the Duty of Declining the Use of the Products of Slave Labour
Experiments with Insecticides for the San Jose Scale
Tracts of Republican Government and National Education Addressed to the Inhabitants of the United States of America
The White Whale
Fox Family News
The Red Book of the Exchequer A Reply to Mr J H Round
Agriculture Domestic Science Manual Training
First Annual Catalogue of the Pennsylvania State Normal School Clarion Pa 1887
Report Commission of Enquiry Kapuskasing Colony 1920
Spectrophoto-Electrical Sensitivity of Bournonite and Pyrargyrite
Speech of Hon I Washburn Jr of Maine On the Bill to Organize Territorial Governments in Nebraska and Kansas and Against the Abrogation of the Missouri Compromise
Speech of Hon J W McClurg of Missouri Delivered in the House of Representatives March 9th 1864 in Reply to the Personalities of His Colleagues Blair and King
Communication from the President of the Balt And Potomac Railroad in Response to an Order of the House
Speech of Mr Barnard of New York The House of Representatives of the United States December 29 1848 and January 2 1844
A Politician in Sight of Haven Being a Protest Against the Government of Man by Man
A Comparison of the International Units of Luminous Intensity of the United States with Those of Germany England and France
A Plain Path-Way Opened to the Simple Hearted and an Answer to All Doubts and Objections Arising in Them Against the Inward Appearances of Divine Light and Truth Which Have Kept Many from Obedience and So from Peace to Their Panting Souls
Report of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce On the Charges at Quarantine for Lighterage Etc
Crawfords Defeat A Tale of the Frontier in 1812
Prose Chants
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Speling Vol 3 Desember 1914
To the Orangemen of Kingston
The Curlers Guide
The Easiest Way An Address in the Rodef Shalom Temple Pittsburgh Sunday March 30 1913
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 11 October 1907
Addresses by James B Edmonds As President of the Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia
A Lecture on Elocution Particularly with Reference to the Art of Reading Delivered Agreeably to Appointment Before the North Carolina Institute of Education at Their Annual Meeting June 20th 1832
A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St Mary Ashford May 12 1843 Before the Ven the Archdeacon of Maidstone and the Clergy of the Deanery of Charing on the Occasion of the Archdeacons Visitation
Libretto to Miles Standish
An Account of the Consecration of St Matthews Church Old Meldrum by the Right REV the Bishop of Aberdeen on St Matthews Day September 21 1863 With an Abstract of the Sermon Preached on the Occasion by the Most REV the Bishop of Moray and Ross
Lay Work in the Church and How to Do It Addressed to Members of the Church of England
A Candid Appeal to the Nation Upon the Present Crisis and the Recent Change of Ministers
The Continental Congress Some of Its Actors and Their Doings with the Results Thereof An Address Before the Oneida Historical Society at Their Annual Meeting on the 31st Day of December 1880
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Allenstown for the Financial Year Ending March 1880
Robert Burns An Address Delivered in Tremont Temple by Honorable George F Hoar on March 28 1901 Before the Burns Memorial Association of Boston
The Cursed Reign of Death Described The Leaven of the Hypocrites Grave of Corrupt Doctrine Made Manifest and His Dead Principles Which Have a Name to Live But Deny the Power of Life Set Forth Which Reign of Death Is in Will-Worship and Voluntary Hum
Dawn on the Distant Hills
Sallie and Sammie A Comedy Skit for Two Rube Kids
Lake Placid and an Experiment in Intelligence
The Old Wisconse
A Sermon Preached in Park Street Church on the Sunday Succeeding the Death of Daniel Webster
Inasmuch Some Thoughts Concerning the Wreckage of the War
Commendation and Reproof of Unitarians A Sermon Delivered in the Second Universalist Church in Boston Sabbath Evening Nov 29 1829
The Religion of Loyalty A Doctrinal Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Church Oakland April 23d 1865
Speeches of Hon Carter H Harrison of Illinois in the House of Representatives on Democratic Music May 23 1876 and on Centennial Celebration of Our Nations Independence January 19 1876
Address by C L Allen Before the Lenox Horticultural Society Lenox Mass McH 1903
The Curse of Conventionalism A Remonstrance
A Sermon Preached at Bristol in Rhode Island July 9th 1808 at the Funeral of the Hon William Bradford Esq
Rebellion in the North!! Extraordinary Disclosures! Vallandighams Plan to Overthrow the Government! the Peace Party Plot! Full Details of the Organization Its Declaration Oaths Charges Signs Signals Passwords Grips C C
Six Months Ago or the Eventful Friday and Its Consequences An Epic Poem
The State of Surgery But More Particularly the Disadvantages Its Professors Lie Under Considered In a Letter from a Gentleman in Town to His Friend in the Country Occasioned by the Latter Having a Design to Apprentice His Son to That Art
William Parker or Dont Be Afraid to Be Laughed at
Life of W T Sapp the World Famous Ossified Man Written by Himself A Brief Account of His Life Condition and Experience A Book from Which Every Man Woman and Child in the Land May Learn a Lesson of Patience Cheerfulness and Self Reliance
Mr Wests Selection Sermon May 31 1786
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 2 April 18 1891
Harbaughs Harfe (Harbaughs Harp)
The Story of the Ninety-First Read at a Re-Union of the Ninety-First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry Held at Portsmouth Ohio April 8 1868 in Response to the Toast Our Bond of Union
A Sermon Preached in Christ-Church Philadelphia Before the Master and Brethren of Lodge No 2 of Free and Accepted Masons On Sunday the 18th of October 1908 Being the 150th Anniversary of Said Lodge
Speech Before an Auxiliary of the American Colonization Society Utica January 13 1834
The Shan Van Vocht Vol 2 6th December 1897
State of the Country Speech of Hon A G Brown of Mississippi in the Confederate Senate December 24 1863
A Speech Delivered at Webster Mass Providence R I Nashua N H and Other Places During the Presidential Campaign of 1856 in Support of James Buchanan
The Great Fallacy A Speech by the Right REV the Lord Bishop of Derry DD Delivered in the Albert Hall London on Saturday 22nd April 1892
On the Spiritual Education of the Laity An Appeal to the Clergy and to Churchmen in the Universities
Shocking Events A Farce in One Act
The Struggle Between the Civilization of Slavery and That of Freedom Recently and Now Going on in Louisiana An Address Delivered by Edward C Billings Esq of New Orleans at Hatfield Mass Oct 20 1873
Laws Relating to Common Schools and School Lands in Oregon Published by Order of the Legislative Assembly
The Honest Shoemaker A Domestic Play for Little Folks in Four Scenes Adapted from Grims Fairy Tale The Shoemaker and the Elves
An Answer to the Anonymous Author of a Familiar Epistle to Mrs Con Phillips
Measuring Water
The Ohio Multiple-Unit Poultry House
Half Hour Lessons on American Authors for Social Literary Circles
The Pull Back
Visit of the Wyoming Legislature and Invited Guests Proceedings of Joint Session Programme of Entertainment February 1884
Too Many Cousins A Farce in One Act
Into Mexico and Out
What the Daisies Told Me
Testimonies Concerning Joseph Gurney and Isaac Stephenson
Bleak House or Poor Jo A Drama in Four Acts Adapted from Charles Dickenss Celebrated Novel of Bleak House
A Few Thoughts on Eucharistic Worship In a Letter to a Friend of the Extreme Ritualistic School
A Poem Recited Before the Citizens of Edgartown July 4 1836 Being the Sixtieth Anniversary of American Independence
Speech of Mr G Ashmun of Massachusetts on the Revolution in France and Emancipation in Its Colonies Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States
The Advantage of Misfortune A Poem
Prevention of Immorality A Paper Read at the Annual Meeting of the Church Penitentiary Association Ascension Day 1877
A Plan for the Settlement of Middle Europe on the Principle of Partition Without Annexation
A Congratulatory Letter to a Certain Right Honourable Person Upon His Late Disappointment
A Drawing-Room Car Some Incidents of a Railway Journey A Petite Comedy in One Act
The Address of Brian Boru A Poem
Rhymes of the Routs in Mexico and Midsummer Days Dream
An Address Memorial of Alexander H Vinton D D Edward A Washburn D D Samuel Osgood D D and William Rudder D D Given at the Seventh Church Congress Providence R I Oct 25th 1881
Two Ghosts in White A Farce
The Stone-Cutter A Japanese Legend
Glimpses of the Universal Evolution
A Reply Speech of Hon S Shellabarger of Ohio Delivered in the House of Representatives January 27 1863
Memorial Day May 30 1870 Oration
Pirates A Comedy in One Act
The Doctrine and Discipline of Human Culture
Leon Solis-Cohen Born October 16 1840 Died September 19 1884
Writings of W M Thackeray
Letter of Hon Edwin G Reade of North Carolina to His Constituents
Charles-Francois Daubigny
Poetry and Fact An Inaugural Address Delivered at University College Liverpool March 13th 1890
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 11 April 1906
Two Addresses Commemorative of General Grant Delivered at Boston July 26 1885 and Worcester August 8 1885
The Crisis in the Presbyterian Church
An Address Delivered Before the North Carolina Institute of Education At Their Annual Meeting June 19th 1832
The Turnpike Tavern And Other Verse
Ireland Agriculture and the War An Open Letter to Irish Farmers
The Higher Critism and the Lower Congregationalism
Address Delivered at the Erection of a Monument to the Memory of the Late REV Nathaniel Emmons D D at Franklin June 17 1846
The Twenty-Eighth Annual Report on the Work of the Fabian Society for the Year Ended 31st March 1911 Presented to and Adopted by the Annual Meeting of the Society on 12th May 1911 Also the Rules of the Society
The Army of the Potomac Sketch the Phantom Column Poem
The Confederate Veteran Address of Gen E P Alexander on Alumni Day West Point Centennial June 9 1902
The Twenty-Third Secretarys Report of the Class of 1866 of Harvard College June 1925
Eulogy on Daniel Webster Delivered in Syracuse N Y Nov 13 1852
Fourth Annual Report of the Register of the State Land Office of the State of Montana to His Excellency Robert B Smith Governor of Montana December 1 1898
Geophysical Logging of Water Wells in Northeastern Illinois
Paulo Ucello
Treaty Stipulations Between Mexico and the United States Act of Congress of March 3 1851
ABCs of League of Nations
Address of the of the Central Committee Appointed by a Convention of Both Branches of the Legislature Friendly to the Election of John Q Adams as President and Richard Rush as Vice-President of the U States Held at the State-House in Boston June 10
Agricola an Idyl
Unpublished Poems by Bryant and Thoreau Musings by William Cullen Bryant and Godfrey of Boulogne by Henry D Thoreau
Paper Book Supreme Court Western District St Clairs Heirs Plaintiffs in Error Versus Shale and Kennedy Defendants in Error
Remarks of Senator Clay of Alabama Gwin of California and Others Delivered in the Senate of the United States December 13 1859
Republican Opinions about Lincoln
The Principles of Washing Illustrated by the Hydraulic Clothes Washer Superior to Any in Use Hamilton E Smith Inventor and Patentee Including the Patent Clothes Drying Room and Embracing Every Description of Domestic Laundry Furniture
A Sermon Preached to the Cambridgeport Parish May 28 1871 On the First Sunday After the Ratification of the Treaty with England by the Senate of the United States
Lincoln and the Patronage
Report on Labor Situation of Norway
How Many Persons Were Present with Our Blessed Lord at the Last Supper? Some Observations on the Above Question
Are the Germans the Chosen People? Address Delivered at the Business Mens Club Cincinnati January 28th 1918
An Inside View of the Rebellion And American Citizens Text-Book
Some Phases of Reading in the Elementary School 1919 Reprinted from the Series Published in the Educational Journal
Central Association for the Relief of the Soldiers of South Carolina The Plan and Address Adopted by the Citizens of Columbia October 20 1862
Annual Report of the State Librarian of New Jersey For the Year Ending October 31st 1904
The Caterpillar and Butterly
Catalogue of the Work of the Women Etchers of America On Exhibition April Twelfth to Twenty-First
Charles Dickens His Life Writings and Personality
The Typical American
The Scottish Hymnal (appendix Incorporated) with Tunes for Use in Churches
The Decameron or Ten Days Entertainment of Boccaccio A REV Translation
Exact Astronomy A Dynamical Solution of the Fundamental Problems of Mathematical Astronomy
Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society Volume 4
The History of Herodotus A New English Version Volume 2
Endymion A Story of the Lake
Singsongs of the War
Practical Materia Medica and Prescription Writing
In Memory of Dr Washington E Fischel
From Peking to Mandalay A Journey from North China to Burma Through Tibetan Ssuch#699uan and Yunnan
Schmidts Jahrbucher Der In-Und Auslandischen Gesammten Medicin 1879 Vol 181
Afloat and Ashore A Sea Tale
Tales from Bentley
Specimens of English Literature From the ploughmans Crede to the shepheardes Calendar AD 1394-AD 1579 Part 1579
Gleanings of a Few Scattered Ears During the Period of the Reformation in England [microform] And of the Times Immediately Succeeding AD 1533 to AD 1588 Comprehending I Engraving of Eleven Seals of Cranmer
The Political Editor A Comedy of Newspaper and Political Life
Minutes of the Seventh Annual Session of the Haw Ridge Baptist Association Held with MT Liberty Church Alabama October 16 and 17 1805
The Osprey Vol 5 An Illustrated Magazine of Popular Ornithology March and April 1901
The Annual Address Delivered Before the Belles-Lettres and Union Philosophical Societies of Dickinson College Carlisle July 18 1938
The Real Property Acts 1874 1875 1876 37 38 Vict CC 33 37 57 78 Settled Estates ACT Powers Law Amendment ACT Limitation ACT and Vendor and Purchaser ACT 1874 38 39 Vict C 87 Land Transfer ACT 1875 39 40 Vict CC 17 30 Partiti
Isosceles A Play in One Act
Maryland Colonization Journal 1845 Vol 2
An Alarm of Fire A Comedy in One Act
The Merediths Entertain
The Constitution of the Confederate States Montgomery 1861 Address
Johnnys New Suit A Comedy Baker In Two Acts
The Fire Escape A Comedy in One Act
A Picture of Slavery Drawn from the Decisions of Southern Courts
The Corner Lot Chorus A Farce in One Act for Female Characters Only
Moth Balls a Play in One Act
The Death of President Garfield God in History a Sermon
A Grain of Wheat
Considerations on the Continuance of the Slave Trade and of the Use of Slaves in the British Colonies
The Drama By Mrs Kendal A Paper Read at the Congress of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science Birmingham 1884
Prize Essay on the Comparative Economy of Free and Slave Labour in Agriculture
The Amateurs A Burlesque in One Act
The Second Day of the Festivals A Sermon at the New Synagogue Great St Helens on the Second Day of Passover 5628
An Essay on the Position and Duties of the Medical Profession
Carolina or a Description of the Present State of That Country and the Natural Excellencies Thereof Viz The Healthfulness of the Air Pleasantness of the Place Advantage and Usefulness of Those Rich Commodities There Plentifully Abounding Which Much
A Rural Ruse
Cinmbuns A Sketch in One Act
Poems of Youth
History of the Free Congregational Society of Florence Mass With Its Articles of Association and By-Laws
The Idea and Necessity of Normal School Training An Address by REV Geo B Spalding D D of Dover N H Delivered at the Dedication of the Normal School Building at Gorham Maine Dec 26 1878
Dents Office Boy
An Epistle to Dr Thompson
Irene and Other Poems
A Book of Days
Address of George Thompson (M P) of England to the Legislature and Citizens of Vermont Delivered in Representatives Hall October 22 1864
Lecture on Female Education
Fugitive Pieces
Some Mistakes of Ingersoll A Lecture
The Gleaner Vol 2 October 1912
The Spirit of Democracy An Allegorical Pageant
Monument Erected to the Memory of the R Father Ennemond Masse S J Canadas First Missionary
In Memoriam A Discourse Upon the Character and Death of Abraham Lincoln Preached in Pottstown Presbyterian Church on the Day of National Humiliation June 1 1865
Service in Memory of Our Deceased President William McKinley Appointed by the Governor of the State of Rhode Island at the First Baptist Meeting-House Providence Sept 19 1901 at 1 P M
Song of the Pines And Other Poems
Proceedings on the Inauguration of Swarthmore College Eleventh Month 10th 1869
A Discourse Delivered at the Furman Theological Institution Friday May 14 1841 The Day Appointed by the President of the United States as a Day of Fasting Humiliation and Prayer in Consequence of the Death of Gen William Henry Harrison
I Precursori Di Frontone
Sui Disegni Di Legge Dellon Tajani Per La Riforma Dellordinamento
Address to Trades Unions Issued by the Council of the Socialist League
An Oration Delivered Before the Society of Alumni of the University of Virginia at Its Seventh Annual Meeting Held in the Rotunda on the 4th of July 1844
Lincolns First Message to Congress Message to Congress in Special Session July 4 1861
An Address Delivered at the Consecration of Evergreen Cemetery Brighton Wednesday August 7 1850
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 93 August 13 1931
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 89 October 6 1927
Discourse on the Life of Honorable Henry Clay
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 66 March 24 1904
Cumorahs Southern Messenger Vol 10 20th July 1936
The Gleaner 1915 Vol 2
Abraham Lincoln Man and American
Minutes of the Forty-First Annual Session of the Central Baptist Association Held with Antioch Baptist Church Elmore County ALA Sept 30th Oct 1st and 2nd 1885
Applied History
The Menehunes Their Adventures with the Fisherman and How They Built the Canoe
National Reconstruction the Glory and the Shame of a Nation A Thanksgiving Sermon Preached December 7th 1865 at an Union Service in Lockland Ohio Made Up of the Methodist Baptist and Presbyterian Churches
A Close Shave A Farce in One Act
Personal Loyalty to Christ the Secret of Missionary Effort A Sermon Preached in St Peters Church Eaton Square During the Session of the Lambeth Conference July 1878
Persephone A Myth Presented in Pageant Form by the Pupils of the Bishops School San Diego in Their School Gardens Commencement Week of the Bishops Schools June the Eighth Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen
To Friends in Ireland and Elsewhere A Mournful Word to the Merry-Hearted in Zion with a Word of Comfort to Her Bowed-Down Mourners Written in Great Exercise of Soul and Spirit in Obedience to the Lord
Our Liberties Their Danger and the Means of Preserving Them A Discourse
A Sermon Delivered at the Funeral of Mrs Jerusha Lathrop Who Died September 14 1805 AET 88
Pages of Poetry
Address Delivered Before the Kansas Commandery of the Military Order of Loyal Legion of the United States At the Stated Meeting Thursday November 3rd 1887
The Industrious Apprentice A Sermon Preached at the Great Synagogue on Sabbath December 10th 1887
The Visions of Youth
Facing the Music A Comedietta in One Act
My Lovely Jane A Summer Idyl
A Dark Secret A Colored Farce of Mystery
Blackwoods History of the United States
The Padres Dream And Other Poems
The Captain of the Watch A Comedietta in One Act
Inaugural Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement of Knox College Galesburg Illinois June 24 A D 1858
Christ the Son of God Before He Was Made Flesh A Sermon the Substance of Which Was Preached at Cummington October 5 1819 at a Session of the Mountain Association
The Gleaner Vol 1 February 1901
Kings Color-Graphs of New York City
The Taxation of Organized Beneficence
Correspondence Between Roger Sherman and Samuel Hopkins
Railway Earnings in 1918 Compiled from Reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission of Railways Having Annual Operating Revenues Above $1 000 000
Regular Girls An Entertainment for Girls
Preciousness of Redemption A Sermon Delivered Before the General Association of Connecticut at Lebanon June 22 1809
The Tears of Genius Occasioned by the Death of Dr Goldsmith
Great Effects from Little Causes A Sermon Delivered at the Anniversary of a Moral Society
The Photograph A Comedy in One Act
Address of Sir Roundell Palmer M P to the Present and Prospective Electors of the Borough of Richmond Yorkshire In the Town Hall Richmond on the Twenty-First Day of August 1868
Minutes of the Forty-Fifth Annual Session of the Judson Baptist Association Held with Shorterville Baptist Church Shorterville ALA Oct 3D 4th and 5th 1895
Les Enrages Aux Enfers Ou Nouveau Dialogue Des Morts
The Comic Life of Horace Greeley Including All the Recollections Corrections Deflections Connections Reflections Objections and Elections
The Aquarium Vol 2 October 1913
Chicagos First Great Lawsuit
The Quarterly Notebook Vol 1 June 1916
New Factors in the Problem of American Internationalism
Ups and Downs of the Oil Fields A Play Written on the Early Days of Oildom a Drama in Three Acts
My Wifes Husband A Farce in Two Acts
A Sermon Preached by the Rt REV the Lord Bishop of Winchester at S Peters Church Eaton Square Pimlico London S W on the Second Sunday in Advent A D 1876
On the Representation of the University of Oxford A Letter to Sir Brook W Bridges Bart M P C C
Impending Revolutions As Introductory to the Approaching Millennial Jubilee
The Aquarium Bulletin Vol 4 November 1917
The Sphinx of Gold And Other Sonnets
Monthly Record of Current Educational Publications June 1917
An Appeal to the American Congress The Bible Law of Marriage Against Mormonism
An Oration Delivered at the Second Commemoration of the Pilgrims of Maryland At Philadelphia May 10th 1843
The Consummation of a Good Mans Life A Sermon Delivered in the First Congregational Church Norwich Conn May 25 1856 Occasioned by the Death of James Stedman Esq
Tercentenary Celebration of the Birth of Shakspeare At Boston Mass April 23 1864
Our Salvation
Sermons Preached March 23 A D 1828 on the Completion of the Fiftieth Year of the Authors Ministry
The Place and Influence in the Church Movement of Church Congresses A Paper Read at Sion College London February 25 1874
Theosophy or Buddhism Abroad
Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Samuel J Hayes Superintendent of Machinery of the Illinois Central R R September 25 A D 1882
The Training of the Clergy From the Standpoint of a Layman What Constitutes Adequate Preparation for the Priesthood of the Protestant Episcopal Church
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 77 December 23 1915
Hymns and Carols for Easter Day
Life of Maj Joseph Howard an American Dwarf Thirty-Eight Years of Age Thirty-Six Inches High and Seventy-Two Pounds in Weight
His First Case A Farce in One Act
Natural Theology as a Positive Science
Commemorative Exercises in Honor of the Yale Men Who Gave Their Lives in the War
Autumnal Sprays Wreathing the Forty-Fifth Year Princeton Sixty-Three a Tablet to the Faculty of Our College Days
The Platinotype Simplest Photographic Process Producing Highest Quality Prints 1916
The Red White and Blue Drill
The Generals of the Continental Line in the Revolutionary War
On the Effect of Time and Temperature on the Strength of Steel and Iron
Short Cataloguing and Bibliographical Cataloguing
The St Marys River a Boundary
The Memorial Art Gallery Rochester New York An Exhibition of Paintings Made in India by Colin Campbell Cooper and Emma Lampert Cooper A Collection of Paintings Miniatures and Sculpture from the Guild of Boston Artists Miniatures by Mathias Sandor O
Special Souvenir Programme of the Presentation of a Portrait Bust of Governor Isaac Shelby as Kentuckys Gift to Memorial Continental Hall at the Twentieth Continental Congress of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution April 17
The White Grubs of the Sugar Cane Soils of Fiji
Memorandum on Industrial Lead Poisoning
On Solutions of #916u=f(u)
Modern Decorative Title Pages
East Tennessee Its Agricultural and Mineral Resources
A Descriptive Reading on Florence Illustrated by Twelve Lantern Slides
Stanley Wrought Steel Hardware for Garages
The Corrector of the Press in the Early Days of Printing
Among the Silver Seams of Colorado
The Voronoi Methods for Motion-Planning I the Case of a Disc
An Historical Sermon Preached in Christ Church July 2 1876
Presentation of Portrait of Governor Benjamin Smith to the State of North Carolina In the Hall of the House of Representatives at Raleigh November 15 1911 by the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the Revolution
On the Inversion of Certain Matrices
Making the Law an Ally To Know Fundamental Legal Principles Gives the Business Man Confidence in Conducting His Affairs
Official Proceedings of the February 1910 Meeting of the Oregon State Board of Forestry Including Forest Fire Report for 1909 and Committee Report on Insect Depredations
The Truth about the Transvaal
Fatal Septicemia or Bacillary White Diarrhea in Young Chickens
Radium Vol 15 May 1920
Colonial and Sheffield Silver Old Brass and Pewter Japanese Paintings Prints and Bronzes Oriental Arms Hangings and Objects of Art from Private Collections Two Daimio Swords Made by Akahiro in the Xivth Century Kakemonos by Yeisen and Yoshinobu
Biography of Hery Augustus Peirce
Coplas Sin Nombre de Autor Sacadas de Un Manuscrito
The Truth about Japan
Elementary Waves and Riemann Solutions Their Theory and Their Role in Science
A Business Meeting A Parlor Play in One Act
The Pacific Region of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
Some of the Descendants of Joseph Clarke Who Was Born in Suffolk England about A D 1600
A Study of Experimental Pneumonitis in the Rabbit Induced by the Intratracheal Injection of Dead Tubercle Bacilli
Veto Messages of Hon Samuel W Black Governor of Nebraska on the Bills to Prohibit Slavery Passed at the Sessions of 1860 and 1861
On the Flat-Clawed Carnivora of the Eocene of Wyoming
A Catalogue of the Remaining Pictures and Unfinished Sketches of Sir Thomas Lawrence P R A Deceased Comprising Among Others the Celebrated Picture of Satan Summoning His Legions A Splendid Original Portrait of George the Fourth in His Coronation Ro
Our Meat Supply
A Short Dichotomous Key to the Hitherto Known Species of Eucalyptus
Burning and Grazing on Glade Range in Missouri
An Address of Charles Hudson of Mass to the Citizens of the Fifth Congressional District of That State on Retiring from the Office of Representatives in Congress
Brief Reasons Why the Sufferers by French Spoilations Prior to 1800 Should Be Indemnified by Their Own Government
Exceptions to the Account Stated Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior Exhibiting in Detail All the Moneys Which from Time to Time Had Been Placed in the Treasury to the Credit of the Chickasaw Nation Resulting from the Treaties of 1832
Souvenir Program Celebration Dorchester Historical Society of the Two Hundred and Seventy-Eighth Anniversary of the Settlement of Dorchester in the Year 1630 on Savin Hill Saturday June 6 1908
1920 Wage Scale Award of New York Arbitration Board
The Flow of Gases and Proportioning Gas Mains Explanatory of Four Diagrams for Solving at a Glance the Various Problems Involved in Proportioning Gas Mains and Services to Suit the Varying Conditions of Diameter Length Pressure Specific Gravity and
The Celtic Province Its Extent and Its Marine Fauna An Address Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society on the 28th of April 1908 at Watford
On Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Building a Data Structure for Planar Point Location
San Juan County New Mexico The Land of Sunshine the Land of Opportunity
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum Vol 9 April 1911
The Selection of Milch Cows
Illustrated Catalogue
Linear Differential Equations in Banach Spaces
Early History of Suffolk County L I
The Separation of the Attributive Adjective from Its Substantive in Plautus
South Florida A Geographic Reconnaissance
Where Rolls the Oregon
The Development of Park Systems in American Cities
A List of Mollusca and Other Forms of Marine Life Collected in the Years 1889-1890 in Japan
History of the Webb House
Souvenir History of St Matthews Parish Moravia New York
Seaport and Riverport Terminal Design For Rivers with High Flood Stages or with Hight Banks
On the Mean Density of the Earth
Factors for Consideration in the Design and Construction of Single Vision and Multifocal Lenses
Heterophoria Doyne Memorial Lecture of the Oxford Ophthalmological Congress 1921
Hemlock Twigs and Balsam Sprigs
The Twenty-First Secretarys Report of the Class of 1866 of Harvard College June 1923
Just You
Stencil Guide and Descriptive Catalogue of Stencil Materials C June 1871
Christs Own Mode of Baptism
The Documents of the Book of Ezra
Speech of William H Seward on the Claims of the Officers of the Revolutionary Army Delivered in the Senate of the United States January 5 1857
Lessons in Reading-Writing-Arithmetic For Special Work in Georgia
Farming Terraced Land U S Department of Agriculture Leaflet No 335
Youngs Great Book of Secrets Containing Many of the Most Valuable Recipes Known Also Dr Lamottes Celebrated Cure for Consumption And Directions to the Working Class How to Start a Money Making Business with or Without Capital C C
On the Conditions of Fatigue in Reading
Race and Society in the Andean Countries
Illustrated Catalogue of Brushes and Pencils
A Discourse Upon the History of the Establishment of the First Parish in Carlisle Massachusetts Delivered in the First Parish Church Carlisle Mass on Sunday February 23 1879
Report of Special Committee on Inaccuracy of Work Presented to Grand Lodge of Iowa A F and A M Communication 1904
The Finer Structure of the Neurones in the Nervous System of Te White Rat
A Manual of Physical Exercise Prepared for General Use
Notes on Engine Design
Colonel William H Kinsman
Reminiscences of the Chattanooga Campaign A Paper Read at the Reunion of Company B Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Xenia O August 22 1894
An Account of the Centennial Celebration of the 4th of July 1876 by the Citizens of the Town of Northfield Richmond County New York Including the Oration by Hon Geo Wm Curtis and Historical Sketch by John J Clute Esq
Raising Chicks Artificially
Does Emilia Love the Prince?
The Reading Assignment in Elementary Grades And Disciplin The Cultivation of Self-Control
Boston Two Hundred Years Ago or the Romantic Story of Miss Ann Carter (Daughter of One of the First Settlers ) and the Celebrated Indian Chief Thundersquall With Many Humorous Reminiscences and Events of Olden Time
Vindication of the Policy of the Administration Speech of Hon J H Lane of Kansas in the Senate of the United States February 16 1864 on the Special Order Being Senate Bill No 45 to Set Apart a Portion of the State of Texas for the Use of Person
Men Not Wanted An One-Act Comedy
The Aggies October 1927
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 68 October 11 1906
Provisional Ritual
Umrisse Aus Den Uferlandern Des Weissen Nil Meist Nach Herrn Hansals Briefen Mitgetheilt
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 7 November 1902
Address of Hon Abel Rawson Before the Seneca Co Pioneer Association November 6 1869
The Souths Awakening
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 68 March 29 1906
A Few Remarks on Bishop Colenso on the Pentateuch
Christopher Columbus or the Discovery of America An Historical Drama in Five Acts With Prologue
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 7 January 15 1902
Missions of America Rocky Mountains
The Reward of Crime or the Love of Gold A Drama of Vermont in Two Acts
A Sermon Preached by Appointment of the Senior Class of the University of North Carolina June 2 1856
The Ministry in Rural Communities
Romance by Schedule A Comedy in One Act For Female Characters Only
The Problem in the South An Address Before the Southern Educational Association Columbia S C Dec 28 1901
The First Day of School A Humorous Entertainment
A Brief Review of the New Revision An Address Delivered Before the Maine State Conference of Congregational Churches June 16 1881
The Coming Social Struggle Capitalist Contradictions Exposed Socialism Defined
Health and Strength A System of Simple and Effective Indoor Exercises for the Proper Development of the Human Body
Report of the Committee on Foreign Relations Upon the General Arbitration Treaties with Great Britain and France Signed on August 3 1911 and the Proposed Committee Amendment
Presidential Address Vol 10 Delivered at the Opening Meeting of the Winter Session 12th November 1902
A Graduate School of Geography Vol 6
A Commemoration on the Life and Death of the Right Honourable Sir Christopher Hatton Knight Late Lord Chauncellor of England Wherein Triumphant Trueth Reuiueth His Memorie from the Graue
An Index or Reference to the Second and Third Editions of the Book of Mormon Alphabetically Arranged
The Lady Isis in Bohemia
Lafayette Houghton Bunnell MD Discoverer of the Yosemite
An Authentic History (Never Before Published) of the Fight Between the Poes and Big Foot As Related by Adam Poe Sen During His Life-Time and Written by His Grandson A W Poe of Cleveland Ohio Also a History of the Poe Family with a Reference to
On the Saltness of the Sea
Mexico As It Is
The Lincoln Family Magazine Vol 2 Genealogical Historical and Biographical April 1917
A Discourse on the Life and Character of Hon Joseph Story LL D Delivered on the Sunday Following His Death September 14 1845
Why the Wilderness Is Called Adirondack
Life and Battles of Sir Dan Donnelly Champion of Ireland
Papers Reads Before the Lancaster County Historical Society November 5 1909 Vol 13 Cresaps War the Lancaster County Border Struggle Minutes of November Meeting
Introduction to a New Translation of the Greek Testament with Notes
Profit and Loss A Story of Our Times
We Dine at Seven Sketch for Two Ladies
A Carnival of Sports An Entertainment Representing Such Popular Sports as Tennis Archery Base-Ball Boxing Foot-Ball Etc
A Christmas Reverie The Spirit of the Christ I Come to You at Dawn of Day Tis Christmas and a New Era to Bring on the Wings of Heaven
On Singleness of Eye The Baccalaureate Sermon Preached Before the College of New Jersey June 22 1873
Over the Hill to the White House
The Jacobins of Missouri and Maryland Speech of Hon F P Blair of Missouri Delivered in the House of Representatives February 27 64
The World Aspects of the Louisiana Purchase
A Battle Call for Cuba
An Address to the People of the Several Sovereign States of the United States On the Frauds Committed on Their Elective Franchise Under Official Orders and the Danger of the People Being Reduced to Mere Serfs to a Tyrant Despot Under the Pretext of
Cathedral Stones A Discourse Delivered by REV Spencer S Roche DD in St Marks Church Brooklyn Sunday December 11 1910
Liliput Philosophers
What Is a Lady?
For Home Church and Native Land A Patriotic Exercise
An Address in Memory of James A Garfield Late President of the United States Sept 25 1881
A Descriptive Key to Dr Awls Chronological Table from Adam to Moses Designed for the Use of Sabbath Schools Bible Classes and All Readers of the Holy Scriptures
Annual Address Before the Clariosophic and Euphradian Societies of the South Carolina College Delivered December 4 1859
A Pageant of Superior May 24 and 25 16 Presented by the Pupils of the All Day Industrial School Superior Wisconsin
Illinois College of Photography 1900
Elegy by the Reverend Cotton Mather on the Death of the Reverend Nathaniel Collins
Mount Caburn A Poem Humbly Inscribed to Her Grace the Dutchess of Newcastle
Speech of Mr Hardin of Kentucky Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States February 4 1820
The Hired Mans Courtship A Play in Two Scenes
Batanga Tales
From the Book of Cait Ni Quibir
Abraham Lincoln His Mystery Making and Mastery Sermon Preached in Calvary Baptist Church New York Sunday Morning February 14 1909 in Memory of the Centenary Anniversary of Abraham Lincolns Birth
Biographical Sketch of Hon John Peter Altgeld Twentieth Governor of Illinois
International Good-Will as a Substitute for Armies and Navies
Henry G Pearson A Memorial Address Delivered June 21 1894
Sermon Occasioned by the Death of President Taylor Delivered at the Masonic Hall Cincinnati Aug 1 1850
The New Theology in the Nursery
Asahel Smith of Topsfield With Some Account of the Smith Family
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Nathaniel Grout Esq Acworth N H Feb 17 1844
The Golden Present Designed for the Amusement and Instruction of All Good Masters and Misses in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland
Our Solace and Our Duty in This Crisis A Sermon for the Last Night of Mr Buchanans Presidential Administration Preached in the First Congregational Church Poughkeepsie N Y on Sabbath Evening March 3D 1861
Stay in the High School and Go to College
In Memoriam The Mystic Circle of Kates Mountain 1860-1895
A Chapter in the Life of Charles Robinson the First Governor of Kansas
Three of Them About Naughtiness and Frogs and Historical Pictures
Address on the Religious History and Character of the Puritans by R W Thompson Delivered Before the New England Society of Terre Haute Indiana December 20 1868
A Portrait of What Are Called New Measures As They Appeared in the County of Berkshire (Mass) in the Years 1833-4 By an Eye Witness
Poem The Common Evil A Centennial Offering to the Cause of Temperance
Bismarck Vs Peter or the Persecution of the Catholic Church in Prussia
A Decoration Day Offering
Our Aims
A Review of Garrisonian Fanaticism and Its Influence
The American Ideal
Last Days of Washingtons Army at Newburgh
The Citizen the State and Our Economic System Address by Robert Von Moschzisker at Dickinson College Carlisle Pa Commencement Day June 6 1922
Speech of Hon G W Hughes of MD on the State of the Union Delivered in the House of Representatives February 5 1861
Speech of Hon Chas D Martin of Ohio on the Slavery Question Delivered in the House of Representatives May 19 1860
Hypocrisy Exposed or J V Himes Weighed in the Balances of Truth Honesty and Common Sense and Found Wanting Being a Reply to a Pamphlet Put Forth by Him Entitled Mormon Delusions and Monstrosities
Perkins Reaction
Three Years of Democracy Shall We Have Peace or War? An Address Delivered Before the Democracy of New Hampshire on the Occasion of Their Annual Banquet Held in the City of Concord N H on March 16 1916
Our Comrade General John A Logan Member of Ulysses S Grant Post No 28 Department of Illinois Grand Army of the Republic
a Speech of the Hon Henry Clay of Kentucky Establishing a Deliberate Design on the Part of the Late and Present Executive of the Unites States To Break Down the Whole Banking System of the United States Commencing with the Bank of the United States

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